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  1. Jack-of-Spade

    5000 CSC Giveaway!

  2. Jack-of-Spade

    CSC not a security

    Agreed, not a secruity. Solves a problem
  3. Jack-of-Spade

    Santa wish list CSCerious

    2019, sitting on a beach with the CSC community... Laughing and drinking until cows come home..
  4. Jack-of-Spade

    CSC the stable Coin

    Well we're not losing money at this point... only one way to go from here hopefully ↗️ 🚀
  5. Jack-of-Spade

    Roadmap Video Q1 2019

    @LeGonze The rush is only getting worst!
  6. Jack-of-Spade


    Cool things happenin' in vegas this weekend!!
  7. Jack-of-Spade

    XRP buying back

    I agree! 🔮
  8. Jack-of-Spade

    CSC the stable Coin

    Ohh, I hope we are! A little sad this prices are almost gone..
  9. Jack-of-Spade

    XRP buying back

    @Zenkert great call.. A confidence booster heading into 2019!!
  10. Jack-of-Spade

    Roadmap Video Q1 2019

    We have been over this a million times........ GET OVER THE SUIT...
  11. Jack-of-Spade

    Who is Selling?

    Not me, not yet
  12. Jack-of-Spade


    @dabiggapicta Can I go one day in my life without FOMOing in my pants, hahahahaha I'm dreaming as well.. 🌌🌌🚀🌑
  13. Jack-of-Spade