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  1. 2Supra4U

    How did you learn about Casinocoin?

    I happened to mine it from the beginning by chance. Saw the swap info by chance last summer and recovered my wallet.dat file and swapped it out.
  2. 2Supra4U

    Roadmap Video Q1 2019

    I listened to it again after the first time. basically, they are saying they are skipping ledger for now. they "could do it down the road" it sounded like to me due to cost, security concerns, etc they would go with cold storage through the wallet instead. I would assume they would implement ledger down the road, but clearly they are not going that route right now. nothing wrong with what they are doing, I understand the cold storage through the wallet will be something they can have working sooner, which makes sense. if they skip over ledger due to cost/effort, I think that would be a big mistake. Casinocoin should be on the most popular hardware wallets 100%. people are much more likely to adopt and use if they can store on something they already use for everything else.
  3. 2Supra4U

    Roadmap Video Q1 2019

    What is the cost of implementing on ledger wallet? I think I have read like 30K or something in that range? To say that people having to buy a ledger is a big hurdle seems kind of dumb to me. it's $100US basically, which is nothing. How much for these "cheap" biometric usb keys? the whole point of them is to have your crypto all on one device. I think its stupid for you to not implement it. So, I hope this cold storage is the first step and that you will still implement on ledger soon, otherwise I will be disappointed. I don't want to have to keep things separate. it just opens you to bad things happening. worst case you lose your ledger and buy a new one and restore your wallets. If you have a couple biometric USB keys and lose them or they are stolen or destroyed, you are SOL
  4. 2Supra4U

    CSC to the Nano Ledger

    Ledger charges for integration? they don't even develop most of the apps....
  5. 2Supra4U

    Stex Clone? Stex.exchange bait switch

    I usually just use the links from CMC when going to any lesser known exchange.
  6. Just happened to look at the block explorer from one of the other threads. I haven't looked there for several months I think (at least). Was glad to see the stranglehold of the top 100 wallets is letting up. Used to be @ 90% of all coins in top 100 wallets Now is almost down near 80% Glad its not going the other way.... I still wish I had mined more of the original back at the start of 2014, could have easily been in the top 100! lol mining 100K plus could have been done quick back when I mined at that time. 100 mil would be pretty nice right now, even at .0004 ! I'm eager to see what comes of MGA sandbox and BRM release!