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  1. Cscbin

    Power Piggy !

    Getting CSC to be listed on Bitrue was a great achievement. Next, we should ask them to add CSC on their Power Piggy program. Let’s make it happen CSCeers!! @Daniel Keller
  2. Cscbin


    :o It worked ! :)
  3. Cscbin


    Bitrue and its CEO seem very open minded on adding new pairs for XRP. Also, they seem to value public opinions and requests. We should ask them to add CSC/XRP pair!! If they get enough requests on their twitter, I see them doing it!! Let's make it happen!! @Daniel Keller
  4. Cscbin

    Get your funds off of Cfinex!

    Hi, anyone still using cfinex? I made a deposit, been an hour and still has not shown up.
  5. Hi. It was a headache when I first tried to buy CSC, trying to deposit USD on Bitflip was a hassle. Did not have Bitflip or Cfinex account before. This is what I did: 1.Transferred XRP to Bitflip [took around 40 min to show up] * 20 xrp is sacrificed for wallet activation* 2.Sold XRP for USD. 3.Bought CSC with USD. 4.Withdraw CSC to wallet [took around 5-10 min] Is there a more practical and efficient way of purchasing CSC? THank you!!!!