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    Quick question for those of you who are following the exchanges more that I am! Due to the latest crash now seems to be a good time to top up my CSC wallet. What exchange seems to be the best bang for buck at the moment. I'm Europe based so XRP is my preferred Fiat-Crypto base (XRParrot) but I'm not opposed to using BTC if I can get more CSC for my Euro. Thanks!
  2. Míchael


    Thought that alright, was kinda an idiot and didn't check the fees first (was in such a rush to get in at 5/6 Sats) In future with go send BTC from another exchange with lower fees. no big deal!
  3. Míchael


    New here, bought in a couple of weeks ago and just a tad excited about this project! My exchange has kinda ridiculous BTC withdrawal fees (€28), any thoughts on whether it's viable to send ETH to Cfinex, exchange that to BTC and the to CSC?