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  1. DanBilzerian

    Why did CSC price drop as well?

    Are you referring to CSC/USD or CSC/BTC? We didn't really drop CSC/BTC wise, we have been in the 3-5 sats range for a little while now. Nothing new. As for CSC/USD, when BTC drops, the value of satoshis drop compared to USD. So if 1 CSC is worth 4 sats, when BTC drops that 4 sats is going to be lower in USD and when BTC climbs up that same 4 sats is going to be higher in USD. It's still too early to watch CSC price in USD. Its value is calculated in satoshis instead, and it has remained the same :)
  2. DanBilzerian

    CSC A SCAM????

    No offense to him but I'm pretty sure he's a troll. Been spamming the same text everywhere and seems very fishy to me. Wait what?
  3. DanBilzerian

    CSC on faast ‏Exchange ???

    I've talked with them over social media. Very friendly team and they also told me they would be adding CSC soon. This exchange is cool, no signup required no info required, swap cryptos directly from your wallet.
  4. Hey, I have done it in the past. Really easy process man, if I remember correctly, yes you have to open a new wallet in order to import your old key. Anyways, just to make sure you can copy your old key multiple times and place it in multiple folders like I did to make sure It doesnt get lost/overwritten etc.. should be simple man just import it and your wallet will transform in your old wallet. By default, your key is imported in /Documents folder. if your old key is still there, your new key will just be beside your old one it doesnt matter. Then from your new wallet you import your old key. Hope it helped EDIT: Just re-read correctly your post, so your old key is on a USD stick, that's fine just place the key on your /desktop or whatever and then you can open a new wallet and import your old !
  5. DanBilzerian

    Get FREE XLM

    Thank you for the reminder 🙂 Finally did it for me and my whole family, got me a couple hundred thousands more CSC!
  6. Had you tried forecasting The Useless Ethereum Token? https://coinmarketcap.com/fr/currencies/useless-ethereum-token/ With a high of $0.24 in Jan 2018.. Doubt anyone would have forecasted this right lol. I try not to predict too much in the cryptosphere... but when I do, I predict more than I can imagine because in the end it's what always happens. Edit; nonetheless, thanks for your post. Gives a nicepoint of view and some nice info!
  7. Hi, same thing happened to me some time ago. The default folder for the saved key was C:/Documents for me and this is where I found it. Look for .keys file inside your computer and in /Documents
  8. DanBilzerian

    How many CSC owners ?

    One thing certain is that we are not a lot lol. I have about 5 irl friend hodlers that are not on this forum tho! Squad.
  9. DanBilzerian

    Sell me on the project

    I agree. The crypto world is becoming more and more about compliance and building with the right regulators for real utility. I think the industry is slowly shifting towards that and XRP showed us just that in cross-border payments and bridgeing assets. CSC is XRP but for the gambling industry. So basically yes, it is an "XRP-like asset" that's being used here. It's just called CSC, a different asset independant from XRP for the reasons Marco mentionned. That's how I see it! EDIT: CSC is really building an eco-system around it in its industry. Just like XRP for its industry. The ecosystem matters, not really the asset. (as long as you have an-XRP like asset for fast and cheap transfers and high liquidity etc.)
  10. What is up guys. I have some awesome news for you all that's been curious about my situation. I have my coins!!! With Daniel's help I was able to recover the .key files backup and reimport my old wallet! Oh and by the way, Windows was stuck at boot because of the Windows update just like I thought! Going to celebrate by loading my bags even more now lol EDIT: Damn Daniel, we did it.
  11. I am talking directly with Daniel as we speak! thanks guys. Unfortunately it doesn't look good for my wallet... tech guy's data extraction didn't include files in program files.. and deleted old disk. Next is trying to find back the deleted file.. Will update later
  12. Lol I'm certainly not trying to cause FUD. I'm a longtime lurker from before it was popular on xrpchat btw. So I'm back from the store I got my computer. They extracted the data, uninstalled and reinstalled windows then reimported the data. Note that I didn't talk to them about my CSC or my wallet. My pc is fine now, all my desktop icons are the same and he said they guarantee that all my folders are there. I see the .casinocoin folder but they all files inside seem to be by default. Files are last modified today at 11am (about the time they called me to tell me my computer was ready). Where do I go from here.. EDIT: https://imgur.com/a/7pAp2U9
  13. Many thanks for your help guys. I'll go to my local tech shop and extract the data and then follow up with everything👍🏻 I have a strong feeling its due to a windows update. A couple of days ago my laptop's USB ports werent working properly and I read online it could be due to a windows update
  14. I could possibly do that or get someone to do it if I thats the only way..
  15. I am getting the error code inaccessible_boot_device. Then it redirects me to the boot menu. I have looked online for solutions but none worked so far. 1- System restore is stuck on loading (tried for several hours) 2- Tried running system restore in safe mode, doesnt work 3- All safe modes dont work 4- Tried to type /sfc in the command prompt, it completes to 100% then says it cannot operate anything. 😓