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  1. Truong doi thuong

    6Sat to 7Sat WAR

  2. Truong doi thuong

    CSC Temporary Disabled at NUEX

    New wallet caN1SawvgnjsDPYTBwpXT9o1pxNXY14rQEhttps://explorer.casinocoin.org/address/caN1SawvgnjsDPYTBwpXT9o1pxNXY14rQE
  3. Buy .3 stotashi at nlexch
  4. The price on the erratic signal is good or bad https://www.dropbox.com/s/u9i9ajcxd12h3vp/Screenshot_2019-03-13-01-02-21.png?dl=0
  5. Truong doi thuong

    25,000 CSC Giveaway!!

    $ 0.000250
  6. Truong doi thuong

    25,000 CSC Giveaway!!

    24/9/2019 (tuesday) ?????? edit = 24/2/2019 (okay)
  7. Truong doi thuong

    betting tron(trx)

  8. thanks you very much team csc. https://imgur.com/a/jj4NQ5R
  9. Truong doi thuong

    When did you purchase your first CSC?

    XRP .28 CSC .7 .8 s
  10. Truong doi thuong

    Csc í falling horse ??? .4s

    Sincerely thank you. Especially the woman CyU has complimented me. I am very happy to be a member of CSC. I spent ten years working to save and save some money I spent 10,000 XRP and bet on the CSC is because I want to help my people support. If CSC develops I will fulfill my promise. To live is to share love and responsibility for yourself to do. CSC can help me with that. sorry cyu maybe my country language is quite complex. i just want to send you the message that i will meet you in a glorious CSC day. Love CSC CyU & TDT
  11. Truong doi thuong

    Csc í falling horse ??? .4s

    i will be silent and will follow up more about cfinex .... thank you
  12. Truong doi thuong

    Csc í falling horse ??? .4s

  13. Truong doi thuong

    Csc í falling horse ??? .4s

    Yes. I am sorry