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  1. i'm going to wait till 4 sats. i'm happy with the csc that i have. If it hits 4 sats it's good to have some extra...
  2. and all my 4sats orders aren't filled yet
  3. Is there already a new poll?
  4. Ikketje

    What other coins do you have?

    XRP, CSC, ADA and RDD
  5. Ikketje

    Average Buying Price

    my avarage is 0.00035
  6. Ikketje

    Exit Price

    you mean $0.1 or $1 ?
  7. After waiting almost a week, i'm finnaly a shark! I want to thank the persons wo sold their 5mil csc to me
  8. Ikketje


    Hmm waiting for 4sats at stex. Almost first in the row.
  9. i'm a dolphin now, but my target is to be a shark 🦈
  10. How can i get the same wallet from my Phone on my laptop and use both of them? I've made a wallet backup on my Phone, but i cant use it in the wallet on my laptop? On my laptop i see 'import private key', is this the same as 'restore wallet' on my Phone? Thanks!
  11. Ikketje


    i'm happy with my buy at 5sats yesterday….
  12. Ikketje


    Jeeej i'm official a dolphin now
  13. Ikketje


    Just sent soms BTC to cfinex and i had no problems.
  14. Ikketje


    i'm waiting now for 5 sats at cfinex
  15. Ikketje

    CSC Exit Strategy..

    Why do u think it will be 30 cent? (I still hope u are right )
  16. Ikketje

    Wallet on phone and laptop

    ok thank you!
  17. Ikketje

    Wallet on phone and laptop

    just one (maybe stupid) question, whats the difference between the backup on the mobile wallet and the secret key on the desktop wallet? isn't it the same?
  18. Ikketje

    Wallet on phone and laptop

    Thanks for helping me!! Now my coins are safe.
  19. Ikketje

    Wallet on phone and laptop

    Nobody can help me? Its because my csc is on my phone. But i cant make a paper wallet with the csc app on my phone.
  20. Ikketje

    Get your funds off of Cfinex!

    Sending csc to the wallet is working now on cfinex...
  21. Ikketje

    Get your funds off of Cfinex!

    Here also invalid address