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  1. i'm going to wait till 4 sats. i'm happy with the csc that i have. If it hits 4 sats it's good to have some extra...
  2. and all my 4sats orders aren't filled yet
  3. Is there already a new poll?
  4. Ikketje

    What other coins do you have?

    XRP, CSC, ADA and RDD
  5. Ikketje

    Average Buying Price

    my avarage is 0.00035
  6. Ikketje

    Exit Price

    you mean $0.1 or $1 ?
  7. After waiting almost a week, i'm finnaly a shark! I want to thank the persons wo sold their 5mil csc to me
  8. Ikketje


    Hmm waiting for 4sats at stex. Almost first in the row.
  9. i'm a dolphin now, but my target is to be a shark 🦈
  10. Ikketje


    i'm happy with my buy at 5sats yesterday….
  11. Ikketje


    Jeeej i'm official a dolphin now
  12. Ikketje


    Just sent soms BTC to cfinex and i had no problems.