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  1. As things stand, there will be no third party validators nodes. I understand this initial restriction might seem desirable but it's not sustainable in the longer term. If there is no third party validators in the CSC UNL then there can be no trust that the ledger will move forward in fair, equitable and unfraudulent way for anyone who places transactions on the ledger. This is not an opinion, this is simply a fact based on the ledger technology currently used. For the program of community or interested parties who will run "relay" nodes there is also currently a flaw in the process. It is suggested that community "relay" nodes, also know as stock nodes, will hold a full history of the ledger. This is described as being a condition for receiving a split of the transaction fees. There is currently no way in the ledger or rippled daemon to account for this (full ledger history being stored) and it's unlikely that this ability is even possible. [EDIT] PS /disclaimer - I'm accumulating XRP & CSC, and researching opportunities to provide value services on this ledger tech.