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  1. ultramarathonist

    Merry X-mas to you all

    Glada påsk!
  2. Swedes are still sleeping and finns have one hour head start... it doesnt work, shows 150sats and last updated year ago. 0.0005 euro and updated month ago etc.That 200mil market cap is still nice Cant we get chart from livecoinwatch here?
  3. ultramarathonist


  4. ultramarathonist


    We rich yet?
  5. ultramarathonist

    XRP buying back

    So you sold just one😂
  6. ultramarathonist

    Exit Price

    I love you Well, both boys getting another 250K on x-mas present and older one his 250K next B-day. Hope thats enough for them in not so distance future.
  7. ultramarathonist

    Exit Price

    Good enough reason to sell under dollar if able to live happily ever after? Side note, just gave b-day present to my 10yo kid. He got 250000csc to buy apartment in 8 year
  8. ultramarathonist

    Exit Price

    It all depends on what timeframe we are moving upwards. If we are at 0.01 year from now is way different if we sit somewhere between 0.10-0.99 Anyway, most likely I sell small part at 0.01 and let rest sit to 0.10 and revaluete then what to do.
  9. ultramarathonist


    Damn bull, you were supposed to not buy any more!
  10. ultramarathonist


    Anyway welcome to forum. Someone I know started buying week ago and had minor car accident on summer. Small country indeed.
  11. ultramarathonist


    Do I know you?
  12. ultramarathonist


    You bet my teeths are growing...
  13. ultramarathonist


    Du ska inte pilka allt billiga csc bort, lämna några åt mig.
  14. ultramarathonist


    Somehow I have a feeling.... couldabeenwouldabeen... you did not have minor car accident last summer on parking lot?
  15. ultramarathonist


    Did you bought your first csc about week ago from nuex...?