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  1. Was it so that first need to make adress book, anyone?
  2. Wait, if recipient adress is incorrect it dont allow to type tag. I couldnt copypaste adress and needed to type it. Everything was blank before I typed adress again with my eyes open.
  3. Close and re-open wallet, if remember correct that worked for me. Had just same problem you are having.
  4. Got it trough, took ages this time. Works fine with my old android.
  5. No problem with 2fa but withdrawing doesnt work. So far zero problems but now trying to get xrp back to kraken and status wont change from pending to completed. Stiĺl have part of my csc there and afraid to withdraw before I see that I got my xrps withdrawed.
  6. I know, been here since August and seen those questions multiple times. Sometimes it just too hard to make that first move. Next ones are way easier.
  7. And every time you try gambling to get rich. How many times it has worked? Yup zero times for me too in 1990-2000 and thats why I stopped gambling. Much more fun now to have family holidays and cash in pocket + investments growing value. I learned, are you?
  8. Okey, serioysly. Are you playing with us or still waiting to make your first buy? At least you have had plenty of time to buy. Dont bother if you want millions overnight but if you are willing to hold long term you still have time. But you need to make that FIRST buy first.
  9. Well this has been great day for all of us but lets still keep feet on the groumd. We all hope this is just beginning of the great journey. Smile on my face, could get nice new car now but aiming further. Patience baby,patience. Personally havent made any sell plan so far but should be done that in advance avoiding stupid mistakes.
  10. Csc/xrp pair in nl? 0.00075 usd. I take that.
  11. Warm welcome! And if you want to buy with xrp use nuex. Fast as it could be and deposit to desktop wallet also very fast. Zero problems so far with dozens of transfers.
  12. Depends on the size of stones you are throwing.
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