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  1. ultramarathonist

    Possible SCAM warning ! Whois Belinda77 ?

    Invite me to your wedding party,please.
  2. ultramarathonist

    It´s Friday, let´s CSChill

    Beer and rhum after I finish evening shift.
  3. ultramarathonist

    CSC Temporary Disabled at NUEX

    Not that I care much about exrates but it still seems to be frozen and other exhanges(good ones) are up and running.
  4. ultramarathonist

    3 Sats Possible ?

    I bet you guys saw but this drop was started by exrates just like those spikes last week. Or any good explanation for sudden drop?
  5. ultramarathonist

    3 Sats Possible ?

    You lucky bastard!
  6. ultramarathonist

    The price on the erratic signal is good or bad

    Guess who was that idiot who bought millions from nuex few minutes before price started to fall.... banging head to the concrete wall right now...
  7. ultramarathonist

    3 Sats Possible ?

    Its almost Thursday, have you put your buying pants on or do I borrow mine?
  8. Genovis ab. Now its going to crash to zero cause I said it.
  9. Sorry not gonna follow your advice but gonna make last big buy this week and after that just rounding to nice even number. Totally offtopic, dear swedish bull, you had influence on me and bought 3 weeks ago decent amount swedish medical company from first north stockholm. +40% in three weeks is something you dont get in finnish stock market
  10. He`s totally out of cash, otherwise I dont get it to sell now everything. Or he just knows we all are doomed tomorrow
  11. ultramarathonist

    3 Sats Possible ?

    Or most likely before your paycheck arrives.
  12. ultramarathonist

    CSC gaining in volume

    I see, those cheap ones I got came from you. Tackar kära grannar
  13. ultramarathonist

    High Risk, High Reward.

    Waiting game. Should be easy cause we need do nothing and let time fly. Okey, im still buying moar.
  14. ultramarathonist

    25,000 CSC Giveaway!!