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  1. Bookies would/should only return money to the funding source (ie - buy in with particular card / cash out to same). Betfair Exchange even goes as far as to apply some kind of proportionality if you have multiple funding cards as to which one you can withdraw how much to. In terms of cashing out - couple thousand on many occasions was about the upper limit.
  2. CSC-JAG

    Who is funding "CasinoCoin Foundation"?

    I heard they buying essentials (lambos, moons etc) from what us XRPChat members are buying!
  3. CSC-JAG

    The Bankroll Manager

    A watched a video... maybe not the video ? Where am I heading, I'll check it out 👍
  4. Catch 22 really isn't it. The product becomes more attractive when used lots, but how do you get that use going when it is currently unattractive.
  5. CSC-JAG

    The Bankroll Manager

    Does anybody know what the intention is regarding registration for the operators and BRM? Would it allow for me to go between operators without registering at each? (BRM is given my consent to share my data with each operator).
  6. With respect, that's BS! Everybody is looking for moon! 🚀 Who's going to be happy if every operator uses CSC and the $ to CSC conversion rate remains the same as today.
  7. @RonSwanson - Talk me though the CSC <--> FIAT thing. Can I hold FIAT within the BRM? That would solve the issue to an extent. I could play now in CSC, before converting to £/$, knowing my balance wasn't getting trashed in the night whilst I slept.
  8. CSC-JAG

    The Plan to Offset Volatility

    So how would this work in reality? Currently I go to a poker site, and at the point of depositing £, this balance is turned into $. Same for somebody else who deposited in €, they also get a USD conversion. What you end up with is 6 players around a table from various countries all paying $10 USD buy in, despite none of us being in the USA. But, it works because we all are playing with the same unit of measurement & nobody cares, because what £100 of $ today is worth as near as anybody would really care to what £100 of $ is tomorrow (or next week / month). If I sit at the $10 table with CSC, who sets the USD conversion rate, and who carries the fluctuation risk?
  9. I guess I would disagree to a point there. As a user of various online gambling sites, I'm not actually particularly worried about speed of withdrawing to my bank account - so long as it's a reasonable (24-48hrs). Where I see CSC really adding value between bookmaker transfers. I've £100 in my Skybet account, but I really want to place the bet at Bet365 who have better odds on this game. CSC allows me to get my money there to do that. I win my bet, and want to play some poker now to celebrate, money straight over to my favoured online poker company. All in real time, without coming in and out of my bank account. So for me, I want CSC to be stable. I certainly don't want to be going CSC <--> Bank often. It's hassle, and if I'm depositing back to £, I may aswell continue to fund from bank account directly.
  10. CSC-JAG

    Where would CSC fit in to this?

    Which gambling sites are accepting BTC currently, we talking legit ones? I'm unaware of any major bookmaker who takes BTC where I'm based (UK), hence my question.
  11. Hey @Lancsgent, good to find another one of us! How you finding this season... it's been very slow for me! I suppose maybe I'm not the target market, for example I've never felt the need to deposit via Paypal / Neteller either. I don't suppose it's too expensive, but I do not doubt there is a fee somebody has to pay? Be that the customer, CSC or the operator.
  12. Hi, As mentioned in my other thread, I'm a long time consumer of online gambling... poker / sports / casino. My next question is in relation to KYC, and what problem does the BRM solve in relation to this (fast transfers between operators aside) for the end user? So very brief history here, I spent a considerable amount of time 'match betting' in recent years. So for those who do not know, this is where you BACK a result at the bookmaker (ie, team A to win), but then at an exchange LAY the same result (ie, team A not to win). By doing this, you guarantee to win one of the two bets, which cancel each other out, so a net result of +/- £0.00. The reason you do this is because many bookmakers have offers like "Bet £10, get a £5 free bet". By doing this you can "Bet £10" without risking any of your cash, and collect a nice £5 free bet to do with as you please. So what does this have to do with CSC / BRM / KYC? For around 2 years I've been taking advantage of such offers, and the complete over saturation of online book makers in the UK. All completely legally I must add. Of accounts I have/had with around 50-60 operators, I have only been asked for validation documents maybe 2 or 3 times. This means the vast majority must be fulfilling KYC already via other methods. Credit checking, electoral roll, Experian score etc. This may annoy the operator, but as an end user depositing via VISA Debit, it's not something for me to worry about. Second part of my question is around the BRM function, and the KYC as part of that. I presume CSC will have to have agreements with one or many companies to provide KYC within each jurisdiction. There will ofcourse be a cost to them checks, so who picks up that bill and how. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi everybody, I'm a XRP hodl'er and a long time online gambler (sports, casino & poker), so naturally CSC have peaked my interested. Would I use CSC currently if it was "live", well no. Currently I deposit £100 into said bookmaker. If I do nothing with that balance, I can later withdraw £100. Or, maybe I put it onto my team at evens, and turn it into £200. Given current crypto volatility, would I do that in a situation where my £100 may end up being £90 or £110, and my winnings £180 or £220... I'd not. My question is two fold really... 1) Can CSC have real adoption/use in such an unstable market? 2) If no, what can be done to bring that stability punters are going to expect to see? Thanks in advance
  14. CSC-JAG


    Leapt over may have been the wrong words - I'll be stalking both. FOMO'd into XRP Dec 17 / Jan 18 - so my position is one of great hurt currently. Hoping for better CSC luck, but I'll have some tough questions along the way. I've been active in online gambling (sports betting / casino / poker) for many years. I'd consider myself part of the 'target market'. Would I use CSC personally... not as yet - but I hope to be convinced.
  15. CSC-JAG


    Hi! Watched my first fireside chat, and have made the leap over from XRP Chat.