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  1. g0fudurself


    Wait. Is this something to get excited about?
  2. This thing could really fly if this get listed on a few more exchanges or one really big one!
  3. g0fudurself

    CSC Twitter Army!

    Going to start messing the xrp faithful on YouTube. After all, this is built on the Ripple Ledger. Should generate some excitement and help spread the word.
  4. g0fudurself

    Conclusions from XRP

    Thanks @dabiggapicta I just FOMOed myself. I’ll be right back..... gotta buy some more! LOL
  5. g0fudurself

    EOY 2018

    I’ll take rich but man.... the freedoms (with a strong windfall) is what keep me going...
  6. g0fudurself

    EOY 2018

    Great price action this weekend. Hoping for some more positive action By EOY given everything that is in play for CSC coming soon. $1EOY? Or too much? LOL.
  7. g0fudurself

    Hey everyone

    Hi everyone! Longtime xrp hodler. Been lurking in this boar for a bit and jumped in on CSC after takin a look at all the promising info shared in the xrp chat by @T800. Great to be joining you all on this very promising journey. My best wishes to the CSC team! Their success will be enjoyed by all.
  8. g0fudurself

    Exchanges by 2020?

    $5 seems like way too much. But I’d take it! Lol.