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  1. Crovax84


    Still not sure why killer whale isn't 50mil and whale being 100mil. It would fit the pattern....
  2. Crovax84

    New club member

    @Marco Yes you are right the 6 words are for password recovery. I thought that's what he was asking.
  3. Crovax84

    New club member

    Just checked mine and it is 6 words
  4. wont let me says I already voted. I will try again at the end of the week. Is it suppose to reset every Monday?
  5. Crovax84

    Get your funds off of Cfinex!

    Speaking of Wallet address I may have used my phone to make a transfer earlier this week and it decided to caps the first character. i checked the address and said address is invalid. Is there a way to get it back or did it fall into a black hole?
  6. Crovax84

    CSC walletinvestor.com forecast

    The predictions are as random as our own.
  7. Crovax84


    seems like state income tax isn't that harsh compared to the fed at 20% +1year. In Indiana I believe it is only like 3% capital gains which to me isnt worth the effort of moving my family to another state, even if its just temporary ... Or am I missing a bigger picture here?
  8. Crovax84

    CSC Exit Strategy..

    Thanks for the clearing that up for me!!
  9. Crovax84

    CSC Exit Strategy..

    This is a double tax trap. At least in the US. We would get taxed to move it to BTC and then taxed again when we convert to $
  10. Crovax84


    It does say prediction but that's way out there in my mind..
  11. Crovax84


    I am getting the same vibe !!!
  12. Crovax84

    Cfinex login problems

    Does not suprise me. Always have trouble with the site
  13. Crovax84


    I would like an invite