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  1. We're offering it to Discord and CSCchat community members first. If we don't find a suitable candidate, we'll post it on social media and our website. We need someone to make a video showing off the new CSC desktop wallet feature: "how to sign and verify a message". The video needs to include on-screen text to guide the viewer, and once the final version is approved by a member of the Foundation, needs to be uploaded to YouTube. We're offering 100,000 CSC for this. We'd like someone who has experience with screen recording, can produce and upload the video without assistance, and can deliver this next week. If you have any questions about this, ask us here. To put your hand up for this bounty, email us at [email protected], send us links to any screen recording videos you've done before, and confirm you can deliver this video next week.
  2. I don't want this to turn into a back and forth, so I'll address some of the points made here. To begin with, criticism is more than welcome. We don't expect, nor do we want, a community full of yes men and women, and we welcome questions as to what we are doing. I'm going to write in bullet point form, so I don't have to worry about formatting Location: We have a meeting room booked in an office building for our three days of team meetings, the plan was to hold the live chat in there, but we were told just hours before that the office needed to be vacated by 6pm as no staff were present afterwards. We scrambled to find a quiet spot with enough lighting and strong enough wifi, and the hotel we're staying at kindly let us use their ballroom for free. We agree that the setting was not ideal, but it was the best we could do at short notice. Before anyone asks, one of the hotel rooms was out of the question as they're not large enough not well lit and the wifi signal wasn't reliable. Lack of announcements/new info during the chat: We did have something to share(!), but our faithful lawyers asked us not to until one particular thing (which I obviously can't share) has been finalised. Dress: This criticism is bizarre to me, and most of it came from someone who admitted they haven't even watched the video yet!? I could easily justify just ignoring it, but here I go anyway... I think it shows a lack of understanding of the culture of start ups and tech businesses. We're not a big finance corporation where everyone is expected to dress to impress every day. In my past job at PokerStars, the dress code was casual, even though we worked in an office building shared with various large finance and tech companies. To think that casual dress is "unprofessional" is nothing more than uninformed. When any of us take meetings with potential partners, suppliers, or just about anyone outside of the business, of course we dress more professionally. Come on now... Going too far with the "anti-hype" ethos: Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe we specifically shout "WE'RE ANTI-HYPE!" from the rooftops, but more so, we just don't spin BS and make a big deal out of something that may or may not happen. When we have news to share, we share it. When we don't, we don't. Also appreciate that almost every single team member receives PMs almost every single day asking when the next announcement is, who the partners are etc etc. There are only so many ways to say "we can't tell you yet" or "we don't know". Everything we do has a reason, while that reason may not always be clear, we're not just randomly throwing darts at a board, there's method to the madness. Does that mean we'll make the right decision every time? No, but if that disappoints you then you need to manage your own expectations better. Marketing: I just wrote something on Discord about this in the #general channel. Head over there to read it. Business/foundation structure: Many of the team wear multiple hats at the moment. It's very much all hands on deck, all the time and make no mistake, this project has been bootstrapped from the get go. We made a strategic decision not to do an ICO, and that has been a blessing and a curse. A blessing in that we've avoided many of the legal and compliance hurdles that a lot of the ICO projects are currently experiencing, and this has put us in a good position with regulators, potential partners and the industry in general. A curse in that we're just all so freakin' busy, and would love to have more resources but can't allocate any funds towards that right now. Once we launch and have some funds flowing in, we'll be hiring more people on both the development and commercial sides. A more formal internal structure will result from that too. Investors/coin holders: "Now, in the crypto space, we're not called investors. That would implicate the coin being a stock and we're investing in a company. In the crypto space, we're strategically called a "community". You and I both know we're investors. And, as investors ( or a community) I think we're owed a certain level of professionalism as well as a certain amount of information." This isn't true and I'm going to be completely blunt here. CasinoCoin never did an ICO and has never solicited investment from the public. As such, the CasinoCoin Foundation has never financially benefited from anyone who has purchased CSC on the open market, and you're not owed anything. If we did an ICO, a reasonable argument could be made that the project has certain responsibilities (legal or not) to those who participated/joined/invested/committed to the project financially, but that is not the case here. While you may have purchased CSC as a speculative investment based on various factors deemed to be important, it's not the same as an 'investor' in the traditional sense. Please don't get me wrong, the CSC community is absolutely important for the project but should be viewed more as promoters and supporters rather than investors. I believe our community here and on Discord are amongst the most enthusiastic, passionate and friendly of any crypto community today, and we love it. The value you guys and girls add is by spreading the word about CSC on social media and forums, educating newer members and even generously tipping them. It's taking the time to proactively email crypto sites to update their CSC info, always asking team members "how can we help?", and even designing custom Nike CSC sneakers. These are the things we, the CSC team, value from the community, and in exchange, we offer as much info as we can about the project, from time to time will run community promos, and do semi-regular fireside chats as has been requested of us. We're not perfect, mistakes will be made, but we believe, as many of you do, that we're building something with great potential. So stick with us!
  3. 2. Daniel is correct. We don't plan on placing any of the foundation coins into an escrow as from time to time we'll need to sell some to support operations, development and marketing of CSC. The sales will either be private OTC, or on an exchange. If there's a particularly large amount of coins being liquidated at once, we may let the community know why, but for smaller amounts you can safely assume it's simply to pay bills. 3. We'll have various revenue streams once we launch. 5. We operate quite a flat structure, there's not a big hierarchy, however, this is quite standard for a small operation/start up. As we scale up and build the team, you can expect the structure to become more formal and corporate.
  4. Thank you, very helpful. We'll have a look.
  5. Hey @LeGonze, thanks for the suggestion. Could you please provide a list of the exchanges that use XRP as a base currency?
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