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  1. What caused the price spike for CSC/USD at exrates? Was it a test? actual use?
  2. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-01-15/u-s-now-says-all-online-gambling-illegal-not-just-sports-bets
  3. moonlambo

    We are not far from BULLS?

    Also, check out this video and let me know what you guys think --
  4. moonlambo

    We are not far from BULLS?

    I hope you are right but it doesn't feel right. I don't think crypto market has experienced a recession. Bitcoin was created due to 2008 crisis and it seems we are due for another 2008. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/janet-yellen-is-worried-about-the-next-financial-crisis-2018-12-13 https://www.cnbc.com/2018/11/21/theres-a-9-trillion-corporate-debt-bomb-bubbling-in-the-us-economy.html
  5. As the btc is dropping, the rates are still good. CSC is still cheap. With the way BTC is going, it might see a small run up and eventually go back down to $3k or $2.8k. Heck it might find bottom around $1800.
  6. moonlambo

    What other coins do you have?

    I used to have tons such as IOST, DENT, KEY, XLM, TRX etc but sold them all and went all into XRP. Now its just XRP, CSC, KIN
  7. https://xrpbalance.com/ can this xrp calculator be used for csc? I used the following values: Daily transaction - 0.0001 (100 million) Store of value - 0 Circulating supply - 36 VALUE OF CSC: 0.01 USD * speculation should push that to 0.10-0.25 USD
  8. moonlambo

    ASG Blockchain

    I think he is saying the team can still target Gambling/Gaming industry by creating custom blockchain solutions/tokens but still utilize CSC as gas. Basically, ASG can become a custom blockchain solution provider in the future.
  9. I don't understand. Please elaborate.
  10. moonlambo

    Will BRM wallet buy CSC via exchanges?

    My understanding is Casinocoin foundation will get an merchant account with a credit card processor. BRM will have this integration via API to credit card processor, so it's CasinoCoin that will take care of all credit card processing. Credit card processing burden will not be placed on operators. So credit card merchant account will move money from player's bank to BRM. I guess where things get confusing is once the money is in the BRM, how will BRM use that money to purchase CSC? I am just hoping/praying that BRM is setup to purchase from an exchange only. I am not 100% on this but I don't think buying CSC from operators or foundation will cause the price to go up. It turns into OTC right?
  11. moonlambo

    Will BRM wallet buy CSC via exchanges?

    I did look for about us page but I don't see any on https://www.stex.com. There is no address, business information in the footer. When i did whois on the domain, i just see " Etna Development OU " which is hidden from majority of the pages on the website. https://www.godaddy.com/whois/results.aspx?domain=stex.com When i lookup ""Etna Development OU", i wasn't able to find any registered business website. All information about the company is on https://app.stex.com/en/terms-of-use Thanks. I feel better now.
  12. moonlambo

    Ding Dong The BiTCh is dead!

    any twitter feed or website to track whats going on?
  13. moonlambo

    Will BRM wallet buy CSC via exchanges?

    I hope it's not Stex because we need an exchange that is properly registered and regulated. @Daniel Keller are you able to confirm BRM will link to an exchange during sandbox testing? or will csc be bought from foundation during testing?
  14. moonlambo

    Will BRM wallet buy CSC via exchanges?

    So which exchange is going to be used during Sandbox testing in Malta? We are just few months away from testing. Is it stex? All the exchanges so far have been failing. We all saw what happened with Cfinex and now Bitflip.
  15. Will BRM wallet buy CSC via a trusted exchange or exchanges? I am trying to understand how will CSC get the future price when operators are live. My concern is if no exchange is involved, speculators will drive the price. For CSC price to go up, BRM should be buying directly from the exchange.