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  1. MQB

    Here we go BTC is up

    You're right on the money, my man!
  2. This smells like CSC already having submitted the application. Oops I mean an operator using CSC.
  3. MQB

    6 Months Wait

    Lots of, perhaps most voters were dillusional, that's why. Right now CSC is just another speculative asset following the suit of BTC.
  4. MQB

    How many CSC owners ?

    So the rich people can't sell at the point. But the distribution is too polarized. Well which coin isn't?
  5. By this method, XRP price will be many many times higher than now.
  6. Damn, newbie question here. I am reinstalling Mac OS for my iMac. How can I get back to casino coin discord account with my account name MQB there on another computer? I am about to win 300,000 CSC in two days there. Thanks! @Marco
  7. MQB

    0.006 EOY

    .0006 would be nice. .006 will be aaaaaawesome!
  8. MQB

    0.006 EOY

    Accepted? Haha, show me 100x growth, I don't give a damn being accepted or not. Like a guy from discord asked me how much CSC I bought and I refused to answer him, and then he's been holding grudge against me ever since. Should I even care? What I meant is that most scams make you believe you can become rich quick. And CSC believers should be better than them. At least in said tone and way.
  9. MQB

    0.006 EOY

    LOL, you only want to hear moon, lambos & islands
  10. MQB

    0.006 EOY

    All I know I would win 300k CSC against 3 members on discord. The bet is that CSC price will be no more than $.0006 coming Jan. 31st. Originally, I want to bet on if there would be any news on sandbox licence application for the first half of January or not. Nobody took it. Believing it and betting on it is good. Mindless prediction and empty promising make it look like a scam, and that's most scam projects do.
  11. MQB

    0.006 EOY

    One's behavior does not necessarily reflect another's. How much do you want to bet on CSC not reaching tenth(s) of a cent EOY 2019?
  12. MQB


    Wishful thinking. I love it!