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  1. just wanted to post in the refugee club one time before going back to the revived XRPChat.
  2. that's like $39 2018 dollars? $100,000 2019 dollars.
  3. I am truly impressed how many pages have occurred on this CSC thread.
  4. for the moment I have all my csc offline on my wallet but we'll see. without more exchanges offering it soon Its hard to see the point.
  5. Mine took longer, but did eventually arrive. for now I am thinking I might move back into BTC to be safe for a while until a better exchange opens up. the only exchanges currently supporting CSC are not desirable.
  6. 33% of all known CSC exchanges have closed their doors since taking on CSC. how is that not a blow?
  7. that's a pretty weak argument if you're trying to put a positive spin on this. I can volunteer to close my business that's losing money due to my inability to make a profit and/or fill orders before I have to file for bankruptcy. they're synonymous. at the end of the day a hard to buy coin just got exponentially harder.
  8. well I just tried sending 500 CSC to a bitflip wallet as a test to and it's not showing up. So we'll see. This is a little alarming for a fledgling coin with no real exchanges out there.
  9. uh no, they say that but the trading desks all appear to be down for all currencies at cfinex right now.
  10. My personal experience and opinion is this: People early into crypto like more raw looking technology. The toast wallet is OK. On some level, the most important thing is being able to send digital assets back and forth safely and easily. (read: don't get hacked, don't lose keys) Love or hate coinbase, one thing they have done very very well is their user interface. It's "softer" on the eyes. Many of Apples apps to me look like complete garbage, they look like large fonted childrens games and are almost insulting to our intelligence. However, this is what appeal to people. "Think of how dumb the average person is, now think about how half of people are dumber than that". I think you have to make it as childlike as possible for the masses. We aren't trying to create a niche for tech geeks. we're trying to appeal to everyone here, right? Coinbase, Abra, and Uphold are three mobile apps I'm familiar with that all have a very very appealing and unintimidating user interface. Toasts wallet works, but it's sorta clunky and raw.
  11. I just need to get my post count up so @vsyc can give me all the likes.
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