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    Global Market Size

    Agree, i guess it is hard to speculate CSC value (1% is an arbitrary value as well). If there is a better method to infer potential market cap based on market penetration, id love to get a better appreciation for it 🙂 it is super hard, here CSC has utility along with potential speculation = difficult to forecast..
  2. en4sa

    Global Market Size

    Market is definitely primed for the next bull run!
  3. en4sa

    Global Market Size

    Me too! It will be interesting what utility and speculation have against the value of CSC!! What is your thoughts for timeframe for 10c?
  4. en4sa

    Global Market Size

    My bad, i was thinking longer term.... While gains will be made before the end of the year, the foundation has been quite open about going for land-based in the future. Additionally, I feel like Sports betting will be a growth area, that will shoot beyond current predictions. Statista has online gambling market at $60bn. 1% of that is still $0.015 CSC.
  5. en4sa

    Global Market Size

    Do you know if these figures are both regulated/unregulated? $635B. 1% of $635b = $6.35b $6.35b = $0.15 CSC This will be huge.
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    Is it the general consensus that September is the time that things start to move a bit? When does MGA get back from their break?
  7. Unfortunately, all 'Casino Coins' or gambling tokens are placed in the same category due to many similar projects whom are developing their own platforms. Even I was guilty of comparing FUN and CSC originally. CSC is a transaction gateway, not an online platform. Online gambling is an incredibly competitive space from game development to promotion and marketing. Rather than compete with industry powerhouses, lets leave platform development to the experts and supplement their product with lightning fast transactions speeds, regulatory endorsement and built in KYC/AML.