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  1. Dutchpinoy

    CSC gaining in volume

    So what's the deal with the surge in trading volume these last few weeks? According to CMC, trading has been ramping up since the 25th of february onwards. We've been steadily doing over 250k usd daily, a far cry from ~12k. Wash trading? Beta testing? Trivago?
  2. Dutchpinoy

    Sandbox DLT Launching!

    Nice! So does this mean that the Casinocoin foundation's lifting the curtains on the partnered payment provider(s) anyday now? Jesus christ I need to get hoarding. (within my financial lane).
  3. Forgive me for maybe being blind to it being stated elsewhere; Seeing as e.t.a. half of september coincides with the scheduled fireside tomorrow, will this be announced?
  4. Dutchpinoy

    Does CSC Have Utility Before Stability?

    You're describing every asset for every usecase right now. It's not to say it detracts from your point -you really don't want anything volatile as credit- it's just characteristics of a market in it's infancy. The entire crypto asset class is valued by speculation while being low in volume; This is to volatility as fuel and oxygen are to fire. Volume is key to value stability and I'm absolutely confident that the CSC foundation will manage a way to gain traction and generate market interest. This will in turn enable utility based volume to get in and form solid price bottoms tied to the gaming market, I think.
  5. Dutchpinoy

    How we doing?

    That's due to mods being tyrants /s
  6. Dutchpinoy

    Introductions..... Where's everyone from?

    Born Philippines, raised in the lovely city of Rotterdam, Netherlands. A degree in business administration and full time slave to the system. I absolutely love being in intelligent company, not because I feel like I belong there, but because I feel like it's essential to growth. Here's to hoping for the best, preparing for the worst!
  7. Dutchpinoy

    How we doing?

    Yes please. I'm all in for a little bit of banhammer dictatorship (a little bit). God knows a lack thereof is enough to turn a known bastion of due diligence and research into a Ren & Stimpy marathon.
  8. Dutchpinoy

    A new member appears

    Hi, I've long maintained an 'all in' mentality considering my crypto portfolio. Largely due tot the fact that I've been unable to find an asset in which fundamentals are rocksolid and it's current value is in line with my investment budget. This is my move expanding out of XRP and my due diligence senses have been going haywire ever since diving into the csc developments. I'm especially loving the underpromise and overdeliver mentality while maintaining a close eye on the XRP/Codius developments. Coupled with a flair of Brad Garlinghouse's Peanut butter manifesto, I have faith in the foundation and it's broad underlying connections in the gaming ecosystem. To be fair, my knowledge of the crypto and gaming market is limited to common sense and as such my ability to contribute in any meaningfull way is, well... limited. Nonetheless I hope to learn from this community and be of use where possible.