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  1. Matthew Spada

    How did you learn about Casinocoin?

    Bitcointalk in the early days.
  2. Matthew Spada

    Casino coin competitors

    In theory CSC could be integrated into both of those platforms.
  3. Matthew Spada

    Bank Roll Manager

    I think they mean "bump" on the topic, like bring it back to the top (if that's how these forums work) 🙂
  4. Matthew Spada

    GitHub updates

    I can assure you there is development going on. Several of our repositories are private and thus you will not see any activity, any public repos can be found here: https://github.com/casinocoin Here is a snapshot of some recently worked on repos, some information blacked out just to be safe.
  5. Matthew Spada

    NLexch performance and issues

    Be careful withdrawing CSC or XRP where destination tag is required as they don't have a box for it but instead have this message: "If you are withdrawing to a merchant or another exchange where all funds deposit to the same address you will copy the tag they provide you and use this format YourWithdrawalAddress?dt=YourDestinationTag"
  6. Matthew Spada

    CasinoCoin Wallet Disappeared! HELP!

    It seems like the location of the casinocoin wallet software moved but the data directory stayed in the same place thus you could re-download and existing wallet was there. I don't think this was our software and instead something going on with the PC since this is the first I've heard of this on windows, but I could be wrong so thanks for updating and reporting the issue 🙂
  7. Matthew Spada

    CasinoCoin Wallet Disappeared! HELP!

    Can you use windows search (windows key + S) and type "casinocoin-wallet". Does anything come up?
  8. Matthew Spada


    Hey all Matthew here, I'm a Technical Adviser to the CasinoCoin Foundation and have been involved in the project since 2013. I'm 24yrs young living in Canada, and currently working full time as a software developer.