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  1. crypto2libertas

    Exit Price

    0.11 - not enough 1.11 - I can retire 11.11 - I buy many houses in different countries and follow the summer 111.11 - that is just insane
  2. crypto2libertas

    AUG 04 2019 Price Speculation

    EOY $0.01 and August 2019 around $0.10
  3. crypto2libertas

    John Caldwell - Malta Blockchain Summit

    John is a very good speaker. My csc are in good hands.
  4. crypto2libertas

    Small Clip of Britt Boeskov, CSC Board Of Advisors

    I like the comment when she says: Crypto is ready but the industry not. That is where CasinoCoin comes in. We help you getting ready with crypto in such a simple way.
  5. crypto2libertas

    BABB's BAX token

    I personally don't believe much in tokens to be honest. I'm more a coin person such as xrp, csc, dgb etc
  6. crypto2libertas

    CSC listed at stex.com and nuex.com

    Stex app is pretty good. Used it for a few times now
  7. crypto2libertas

    FruitCake Traders

    I only can think of this comment when reading this: one man's trash is another man's treasure
  8. even with 50c I would be over the moon
  9. crypto2libertas

    CasinoCoin Roadmap Q4 2018

    Not sure if I get the idea of the daemon. The statement is that you can create foundation approved coins on the casinocoin blockchain. So what does that mean exactly ?
  10. crypto2libertas

    Casino coin Secret key????

    as long as you have the key that starts with ss. That's all you need.
  11. crypto2libertas

    Casino coin Secret key????

    my understanding is that all secret keys start with ss.. . There is a private key and secret key. Secret key is the important one.
  12. crypto2libertas

    Upload private keys to mobile

    yes you can. The secret key start with ss..
  13. crypto2libertas


    OK that makes sense
  14. crypto2libertas


    I had no idea that CSC was 53 cents at one stage. My lord !! All time high All time high $0.53576 All time high date 2017-12-16 (10 months ago) Since all time high -99.94%
  15. crypto2libertas

    CSC listed at stex.com and nuex.com

    Nice one. Another reason to buy more ha ha