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  1. crypto2libertas

    TRX -> CSC

    Murphy's law. If you would have done it today you could have got 30%more csc since the trx went up by 30% over the last couple of days. It always happens to me as well. As soon as I sell it prices goes up.
  2. crypto2libertas

    Use case is coming! 👀

    can't wait. So much happening now. Bitrue listing just around the corner (tomorrow), more social media awareness and then those potential use case. Exciting times ahead
  3. Ok yesterday my mobile wallet had issued to connect to the network as well. I waited a few hours and it was fine
  4. Did you update it to the latest release. I think a new update was just released
  5. crypto2libertas

    TRX -> CSC

    Diversity is key to a successful portfolio. If you can afford to keep trx and buy csc that is what I would do
  6. good summary. thanks for that
  7. crypto2libertas

    The World of CasinoCoin

    Yep agree and then a bit higher with the big BRM announcement (whenever that comes)
  8. Matt that should certainly work. I have done it multiple times between different devices. You may want to jump on the discord channel. Those members there are really friendly and always happy to help out
  9. During the last update it was stated that CSC partner changed their priorities and may not be part at the Malta sandbox activities. That is certainly disappointing but not much we can do about it. If that is the case when will the BRM app released since it is ready to go.
  10. crypto2libertas

    CasinoCoin Spring Update

    It sounded much more positive than the last one. I'm bit worried about the Malta info. I hope we are not missing the boat there Also what is the deal with the tokens ? What are they adding to the casino coin business case ? More info would be appreciated
  11. crypto2libertas

    Can CSC wallet be used to bypass BRM

    Thanks guys. That makes sense
  12. Salve My understanding of the BRM use case is that the end user is downloading BRM on the device and performs KYC. Once done he/she is able to purchase CSC directly in the BRM app. Once CSC have been purchased the person then goes to the online site or land based casino and transfers CSC to the online site or land based casino and can start gambling straight away since the site/casino knows that he/she has through KYC So I assume the online site / casino would provide a CSC address where the end use can transfer the CSC too. So what would stop the end user to use the current CSC wallet (not brm) to transfer the csc to the site / casino which would bypass the BRM ?
  13. crypto2libertas

    Small update from Schecky A.K.A John Caldwell

    Looking forward to any update. Can't wait to be honest.
  14. crypto2libertas

    Now is a good moment to shine

    The crypto market has currently a good momentum and overall everyone is pretty positive. Companies get more and more used to the idea of crypto. If we could ride this wave with a good news that would be awesome. I know the product is only ready when it is ready but I hope it is not far off
  15. crypto2libertas

    CSC Temporary Disabled at NUEX

    I guess they can't be sold now but it is also unlikely that you will get them back Man what a mistake !