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  1. crypto2libertas

    Cammegh Going LIVE soon

    Where was that rumour coming from ? Discord ?
  2. Well to answer my own question -> You need to create a new wallet and then it allows you to import an existing wallet with the secret key via the setting pages. You have two options -> 1. Import the wallet by move all coins into the new wallet or 2. just import the wallet with the key and leave the coins in that existing wallet
  3. Hi there I just downloaded the new wallet and the only option is to create a new wallet or to recover one from the recovery words. Well I have my secret key and would like to import that one. I'm surprised that you can't do it since the private/secret key is the only thing you need. So how do I import an existing wallet into the new android wallet just using the secret/private key
  4. I'm with you on this one. The use case and its adoption is so good that potentially a big jump in price could actually happen. Let's cross fingers 🙂
  5. crypto2libertas

    CSC Price Predication

    Unless with have more volume and some announcements such as BRM release or bigger exchange the price will stay where it is.
  6. crypto2libertas

    When News?

    Well coin is live since a long time. So which new part/feature is going live in Q4
  7. crypto2libertas


    welcome to the club of future millionaires 🙂
  8. crypto2libertas

    2019’s Best Gambling Altcoin Investments To Date

    Love it. More and more articles that mentions casinocoin. The word is getting around 🙂
  9. I like the fact that you have used 'when' and not 'if' 🙂
  10. crypto2libertas

    My View On Cammegh

    My reactions: Phase 1 - Nice. Phase 2 - Great use case Phase 3 - Just awesome 🙂
  11. crypto2libertas

    9 Sats

    It might even go lower than this. Once the other token deals will be announced it would confirm that the current deal is not just a one off thing. That could push the price up again
  12. crypto2libertas

    Cammegh Token on CasinoCoin Blockchain

    the way I see it: Phase 1 - Nice one; Phase 2 - Interesting; Phase 3 - Absolutely massive. Love it
  13. crypto2libertas

    Get Bitrue added to Delta

  14. crypto2libertas

    Partnership to be annouced very soon

    maybe. No one really knows. We all can only hope