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  1. cause twitter polls are serious business... right??
  2. djondb

    Average Buying Price

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    I know, right? That would put CSC to 0.025 within a week... Damn.. I just fomo-ed myself to get more..
  4. djondb


    to the people who think the days of INSANE price movements are a thing of the past, check the link below: https://coin.fyi/coins/veros?price=since-last-week
  5. djondb


    As far as I can see he has been in the top since last december.. The reason he climbed no #1 is not because he bought more, but because the stack of CSC the CSC foundation holds decreased.
  6. djondb


    STATUS COIN AMOUNT Pending (1 of 3 confirmations) Bitcoin (BTC) C'mon, confirm already!! how come something that uses that much energy is sooooo slooooww!