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  1. Are we talking about the same Balls @Zenkert ? If we women only knew the power we wield, we could rule the world and it would be a much better place! Just sayin'... Cyn
  2. I binged Season 1 in one day! Then went through withdrawal until 2 came out... Now I'm just going crazy, can't wait. I just love those kids! Cyn-sigh
  3. Come on Season three! I think El's Mom will be big this year! Great Show!
  4. Yeah Bull, we have REAL Football in the States! Futbol? Men kicking balls is so unseemly! Cyn-bad
  5. STRANGER THINGS... (big Fan) Upside down season... Dallas? Saints? Rams? Bears? Eagles out? Patriots suck... But defense wins championships, Bears need to step up a bit in that department! Playoffs will be sweet this year! C
  6. Good game, Bears are looking good, gotta chance this year! can't believe how the Rams are playing, crazy year in the NFL!
  7. Very cool! Wish I was with Y'all... Big football day tomorrow! THE GAME! OSU - Michigan! I'm torn, my home state Buckeyes versus my sons new university of Michigan wolverines! I think U of M will win, even at the Horseshoe... Still in AZ, great weather, too many cocktails! Peace and many blessings to you and yours, @NKHund Cyn
  8. Me Likey too! Hi @NKHund ! I bet that new bar got some good use yesterday! Cyn
  9. Nice Bump @LeGonze ! I never saw this before either, very FOMO inducing for sure! Cyn-Thirty
  10. Hello to all my Fellow Chippers! I am travelling for the holiday, but just wanted to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving! Not sure about some of our international members here, but in the US, Thanksgiving is a special holiday where we give thanks to God for all of the wonderful blessings that he has bestowed upon us. This year I am also thankful and grateful for having found this tremendous opportunity with CSC and CasinoCoin! I especially want to thank @John Caldwell @Daniel Keller and the rest of the CSC Foundation Team for working so hard to ensure that our investments are well protected and pursued! With Love and gratitude, Cindy Lou PS: Hang tough and buy the dip, our time is gonna come!
  11. Cool... My crypto holdings come from my "entertainment" budget. Cyn
  12. I love Casino's, everything but slots! blackjack, my fave! Cyn is never afraid to take a Gamble or a huge WIN! Like my crypto stack, I only gamble with money that I don't "need"... That way, I'm never disappointed, always entertained and oftentimes quite Happy. CYA
  13. I think that the record is clear! @Zenkert is an INVESTOR of great renown! Also a funny and clever dude, and probably really good looking! Chat is chat, anything goes here, the robust exchange of diverging views is healthy and very illuminating! Free speech is amazing, especially when we don't agree! Cyn
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