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  1. ripple101

    Help please, broken laptop

    I haven't used it but this seems to be the app the guy on discord used to extract the secret key from the default wallet location. https://github.com/casinocoin/casinocoin-dumpprivatekeys/releases
  2. ripple101

    Help please, broken laptop

    yeah, create a couple of copies of the .casinocoin folder just in case I see the following available on GitHub to dump keys from the .casinocoin folder so it must be possible. https://github.com/casinocoin/casinocoin-dumpprivatekeys
  3. ripple101

    Help please, broken laptop

    Check out this thread, it might help
  4. ripple101

    CSC Temporary Disabled at NUEX

    Why would you sell a lot if you knew something big was going to happen?
  5. ripple101

    Keep your CSC safe

    Just the private key.
  6. If I was in your position I would remove the ssd disk from your laptop immediately. Do not install any software on it. Get one of these cables https://www.amazon.co.uk/USB-SATA-Adapter-Cable-Drives-en-GB-SATA-USB-3-0-converter/dp/B01N2JIQR7 Connect the disk to another laptop on which you install several recovery software and run a scan and then cross your fingers at the same time.
  7. ripple101

    Merry X-mas to you all

    Merry Christmas!
  8. ripple101


    Yes, maybe wear a shirt (open collar) for an important meeting but if you are stuck in some server room in a basement upgrading hardware the last thing you want is a tie 🙂 Love Curb!!!!
  9. ripple101


    Point made. He was ahead of his time 🙂
  10. ripple101


    True, but in a normal working environment if you want some serious coding done you go to the guy wearing the sandals not the Gucci's. 🙂
  11. ripple101


    In the IT world the better dressed you are the less technical ability you have.
  12. ripple101

    Cfinex Last Person Standing

    🙂 Just seen the 1 sat orders reducing. I'm going to hodl a little longer.
  13. ripple101

    Cfinex Last Person Standing

    Still standing? I put a cheeky 1 Sat buy order in a couple of days ago 🙂
  14. ripple101


    You're both welcome @CindyLou @LeGonze. It's late here in Ireland, time for Zzzzz.
  15. ripple101


    Not quite. The letter A doesn't represent a certain character in your private address. It is the complete combination of words to create your private key. For example the 24 words below creates the following private key. express select release sword nuclear adult maple caught mutual tree genuine nose pull endless aspect defense october better save dad inflict share bid elephant = xprv9yFZm4agMLCeYURWwc8VyFytHpb3KNwmFtMZWRtG7nBgfrPaXGyWvNHiwnu1eLrKmRp6Nwo9tBwVDCTJ5DqJNkSU2rZsYaF2Ho84RZvvgiG Take a look a the below generator. It will show you how the 24 words are converted into your private key https://iancoleman.io/bip39/