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  1. Without there being a whole lot of activity happening right now, I haven't been very active on this forum... but I did just come across something that was very promising for CSC that I thought everyone would enjoy- The above quote was taken from CasinoBeats.com and is absolutely amazing. Who would have thought that with just two partnerships- TrustTracker and Cammegh, we would jump to the top 20 rankings for the most active blockchains? Sure, we still have a long road ahead of us... but this is really exciting stuff!
  2. I've been in the crypto game for a while, and I've always hated how many versions of "secret" something or another CSC has. We have passwords, we have pins, we have secret keys, we have private keys, and we have secret passphrases. The private keys aren't the same as the private keys in the rest of the crypto-verse, that's the pass phrase. The secret keys only allow you to import your wallet, and the private keys are what you export to have access to your secret keys so you can import. It's pretty ridiculous, and to be completely honest, I'd probably be fucked if I lost my laptop.
  3. Ready for some good news!? GoodGaming just confirmed powering their new casino with CasinoCoin, as reported by YogoNet. Oliver Wu, chairman at GoodGaming is quoted saying, "We are hugely excited to launch our first cryptocurrency casino and enter one of online gaming's fastest growing verticals." Because we are so early in the project, I haven't kept myself in the loop as much as I used to when I first found out about CSC, so maybe this is something everyone else has been expecting. But, I wasn't expecting it, which made it that much more meaningful to me. With the testing by Cammegh, the announcement of actual CSC token use!! and the likelihood of the BRM happening any day now, I feel like we're really putting ourselves in a great position to really make a name for ourselves in the industry. You guys can read more about the launch at the link below! https://www.yogonet.com/international/noticias/2019/12/03/51736-goodgaming-to-launch-new-casinocoin-powered-brand
  4. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/casinocoin/ If you go to CasinoCoin's page on coinmarketcap, you'll see a question mark next to our ranking. Click that question mark and you'll see where they dropped us from their Tracked Listing status. CoinMarketCap changed policy at some point to create tiered listings. These consist of: 1. Tracked Listing 2. Untracked Listing 3. Unverified Listing 4. Inactive Listing We've already checked the box for trading on at least 2 verified exchanges, so we shouldn't need one more exchange (though it always helps!). I don't exactly know what it means for CSC, or how it effects the ranking overall... just something that I've noticed over the last several months. https://coinmarketcap.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360034124351-Listings-Criteria
  5. What's up everyone! I realize that we lost our Tracked Listing status a while ago, but I expected us to get it back almost immediately. I honestly thought it was a mistake at first. Right now we're still showing as Untracked, but reading through the Listings Criteria, we seem to check off all the boxes to be a Tier 1 listing. Has this already been discussed and I missed it somewhere??
  6. It looks like our fearless leaders will be leading a panel at the CasinoBeats Malta event that's being held next week! The agenda itself doesn't actually mention CSC by name, but the results from the CasinoBeats 100 Club does. I was actually surprised by the results. The CasinoBeats 100 Club consists of "an invite-only unpublished list of 100 influencers from across the sector – comprising key executives from operators and suppliers, gaming platforms, marketing agencies, legal and other professionals" (https://casinobeats.com/2019/01/25/giving-readers-a-voice-casinobeats-launches-the-100-club/) and not a single one of them thought that delaying adoption of Blockchain would be harmful to the future of the online gaming sector. 100 influencers... and not a single one of them. The actual question posed to these 100 individuals was "β€œIs the delay in adopting blockchain technology harming the online gaming sector?” Possible answers included the following: Yes, blockchain is the foundation on which fair and lucrative online gaming operations must be founded in the future Maybe, but not enough people in the sector understand the technology – more education and awareness is needed No, the online gaming sector will be just fine without blockchain The results were as follows: Yes - 0% Maybe - 51% No - 49% (https://www.casinobeats.com/2019/06/13/the-casinobeats-100-club-crypto-stigma-holding-blockchain-back/) I suppose 51% coming in at "Maybe" is better than "No"... but I was still shocked that of 100 individuals that are supposedly prominent figures in online-anything, much less online gaming, not a single one of them thought blockchain will be a key component in the future of the internet. My hope is that whoever will be leading the CSC team at the event will be able to convince them otherwise!
  7. He sounds like someone that bought in at $3.84 expecting it to go to $10
  8. My original comment, which didn't actually add anything constructive to the conversation... so I just deleted it.
  9. https://todaysgazette.com/ecosystem-expansion-ripple-xrp-powered-csc-soared-by-over-200/ Looks like CSC is starting to make some waves outside of our very small community! Pretty cool to see it actually getting some publicity.
  10. Kraken just sent out an e-mail and blog stating that they too will be delisting BSV. https://blog.kraken.com/post/2274/kraken-is-delisting-bsv/?kec=tGG3_aH0uxoDAM&utm_source=product+announcement&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=bitcoin+sv+delist&utm_content=content+link
  11. Yeeeaaaaaaaaas!!!! I've been so excited for this! Mostly as a backup to my desktop wallet (I don't trust myself to be able to restore the wallet if something were to happen to my laptop). Thanks for all of the hard work you guys are putting in!
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