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  1. RonSwanson

    Making Some Waves

    https://todaysgazette.com/ecosystem-expansion-ripple-xrp-powered-csc-soared-by-over-200/ Looks like CSC is starting to make some waves outside of our very small community! Pretty cool to see it actually getting some publicity.
  2. RonSwanson

    Breaking: Binance delists Bitcoin SV

    Kraken just sent out an e-mail and blog stating that they too will be delisting BSV. https://blog.kraken.com/post/2274/kraken-is-delisting-bsv/?kec=tGG3_aH0uxoDAM&utm_source=product+announcement&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=bitcoin+sv+delist&utm_content=content+link
  3. Yeeeaaaaaaaaas!!!! I've been so excited for this! Mostly as a backup to my desktop wallet (I don't trust myself to be able to restore the wallet if something were to happen to my laptop). Thanks for all of the hard work you guys are putting in!
  4. RonSwanson

    Sell me on the project

    If you still have these questions, I can assure you that you don't understand it as much as you think and certainly not as much as me. No one is answering the question because they can easily be found on the forum, as they've already been asked and answered repeatedly.
  5. RonSwanson

    Sell me on the project

    He wants people to do the research for him.
  6. RonSwanson


    Yep, it was trading fees. Transaction history, oddly, shows the total amount purchased without taking the fee into consideration; so they don't match up with the balance.
  7. RonSwanson


    I want to support XRP/CSC trading pairs... unfortunately, if I do, I'd have to pay ~$.10 in taxes for each XRP traded
  8. RonSwanson


    Actually, what I'm discussing, regardless of the price, is the potential for a website to remove funds from my account. Thanks for the input though.
  9. RonSwanson


    Looks to be where I'm heading...
  10. RonSwanson


    Ohhhh yep. Nailed it. When I clicked "Fully Completed" it pulled up additional information and shows a transaction amount for the difference.
  11. RonSwanson


    My concern is that I purchased 275k, but ended up with 274,862.
  12. RonSwanson


    Has anyone else had an issue with STEX swapping their CSC with a different coin? I made purchase the other day, and when I went to go withdrawal the funds today, I noticed that they swapped some of my CSC for a different coin, in my case, Lite Gold.
  13. RonSwanson

    I am back :)

    lol Same! I got swamped with work (and probably going forward the next few weeks) so making time for forums has been at the bottom of the priority list. Still HODLing though 🙂