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  1. funkyedj

    CasinoCoin Bank Roll Manager

    now whe are 24 weeks later and i stil dont know nothing. i feel a little down about that.
  2. funkyedj

    CasinoCoin Bank Roll Manager

    i dont wana be an asshole..but in my live i was told that BRM was there 01-01-2019
  3. but oke.the coin is weak.so maby i untherstand
  4. this is a sign of weakness shame on you
  5. Only talk in space...no move no news no nothing
  6. Report post Posted 13 hours ago (edited) 13 hours ago, Yellowmellowsub said: Not sure, but I think everyone knows that there is some news at the end of the month and possibility of another exchange How do you know there is an announcement end of the month?