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  1. Is there a synopsis anywhere of the discussions on that panel?
  2. Thanks for the invite @Ermac Happy to be here. I won’t be posting much...have kinda stepped back both here and on xrpchat...just taking a break. Well....at least until the next bull run starts. 😉
  3. Awesome news! Big step towards compliance...and from inside gaming sector! GO CSC!!!
  4. @BlackJack thanks for posting that😊...I was a bit worried there for a moment. Has John indicated what would be the criteria for these special tokens? I know it’s probably too early for that info....I’m Just curious
  5. Great video...thanks for taking the time to do this. Question: I’m a little confused about the server daemon ( hope I’m spelling that right). Is that for individual casinos? And if you’re issuing tokens on top the blockchain...what will be the use of CSC? Do you then have to buy the individual tokens for each casino instead of CSC? And what would the function be of CSC in this environment?
  6. Is this like a funfair then? Can only be used on their platform/website? And do you know what was the advantage of MGA over Isle of Man?
  7. Came across this today. They have a license from Isle of Man for betting in esports gaming. So now that they have a license how difficult would it be for them to pivot to what CSC is doing? E.g. suppose they already have planning /software in development...there is no way for us to know this right? Also wondering why CSC chose MGA over IOM? I don’t know what to think of this...If they become first to market. https://venturebeat.com/2018/10/23/unikrn-gets-gambling-license-for-crypto-based-betting-on-esports-and-games/
  8. Yeah...still not working. I’m going to contact their support.
  9. Yeah I did. Even tried a different computer and still getting error message. 😔
  10. Just tried it again and still getting the error message. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow.
  11. Hey @LeGonze and @Zenkert I’ve been trying to sign up to nuex but I keep getting an Internal server error. Did you all have any problems signing up?
  12. $45!! That would be awesome! Hahaha...if this spikes to $0.50 I’d be over the moon. I usually just skim the boards maybe once a day after the kids are in bed. Was more trying to express the concept of being informed. I think it’s important to know what your investments are doing....makes me feel like I have some control, no matter how false that is. Besides, I get where Cindy is coming from....some people don’t need to check, because they just are confident enough that there is no need. Everyone is different...and that’s okay. 😊
  13. Fair enough. I just can’t contemplate not being on top of the news as much as I can....I’m always worried that some negative news might come out that adversely affects the price and because I wasn’t aware fast enough the price crashes before I can get out. I’m so paranoid!! 😂 And yeah....CSC has all the hallmarks of a diamond in the rough. Loving finding out about this at such an early stage...and dreaming about what this could potentially be 2-3 years from now.
  14. I like me some good old fashioned tin foil. Plus the zerpening comes in a close second. I almost never venture out into the general forum...too scary. 😂
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