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  1. BumFuzzle

    Easy swing opportunity incoming

    Ok I dare you.......
  2. Ummm hmmmm. Not voting for it or anything but you think that a coin backed by a power like JP stays internal??? Or even worse, JP does not go external but encourages other banks to do the same. Do you also really think that they invested in development and infrastructure for the speed benefits to their customers???? They did it because of profit and to use their name to back it. Look at all of the articles and see if "bank backed coin" is not in every one of them. Just an observation. Dont care to argue with the sheep 🙂
  3. Oh good. Looks like JP Morgan just screwed Ripple.
  4. BumFuzzle

    Sell me on the project

    Bu.... bu..... bu.... I dont know why you are being so mean to me. I just want you to tell me why you deserve the priviledge of my presence in your community 😞 You won't survive without me.....
  5. BumFuzzle

    NUEX 2FA Enabling

    If you are using Android for your 2fa apps, the got to your settings and then Date/Time and make sure it is set to automatic.
  6. BumFuzzle

    NUEX 2FA Enabling

  7. BumFuzzle

    NUEX 2FA Enabling

    Found the problem 😞 On android somehow the Date/Time settings switched from Automatic to manual. There is no way to know this unless you go hunt for it.
  8. BumFuzzle

    NUEX 2FA Enabling

    Oh thanks. That actually sounds familiar. I will try that shortly.
  9. BumFuzzle

    NUEX 2FA Enabling

    Anyone else having trouble enabling 2fa on NUEX? 2 phones and different passwords and still no success. Normally the phone and the site time must be within an acceptable range of each other. Since phone time comes from internet time and normally site time comes from server time or internet time, I find it hard to believe that the time on both is spread so wide.
  10. BumFuzzle

    Gamble on ETH

    Excellent! I suck at day trading too. I am getti g good at trading off the moon boys but thats it. XRP will get a bump now with the crap Binance news bjt should settle back.
  11. BumFuzzle

    Gamble on ETH

    Why? Bitcoin has crossed the threshold of profit where it now costs more to produce a bitcoin then the profit. This year they die. ETH is also a proof of concept coin which will also eventually pass its mark. ETH is not used in transactions for anything I have ever heard of, governments, institutions or much of anything else. So what is their use case? Not really a question, just more an "I see no reason to own it" observation. It ranks there with the other "feel good" coins. Far as I can tell, all coi s based on Bitcoin and ETH will die out.
  12. BumFuzzle

    Sell me on the project

    Is not a hard question and nor are we responsible for "selling you" on the idea of investing. If you require selling or convincing then you are already too dum to be an investor of anything. Investments are made based from your intellectual experience and accessment not from ours. So asking a question and then stating a conditional such as "if you convince me then i will buy" will not get you anywhere because you coming or going will not make a difference in anything in our lives.
  13. BumFuzzle

    Profits and Tax (UK)

    Actually in Germany the difference is the amount of time you owned the coin before cashout. Longer than one year is an investment. Maybe the same in the UK.
  14. I do not see that. According to the last video put out, there is nothi g significant in the 1st quarter at least. So activity may be in the 2nd or third if even that.
  15. It is slightly possible to undelete those files. Certainly cant hurt to try. You may also ask the tech guys if they 'imaged' your drive in order to recover it or if they simpmy cut and pasted. With an image they will have ALL data and there is your backup.