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  1. - Slots are “tight” or “loose” bc their programming is set to payout a specific % (usually 75%-98%) of the currency wagered over an inifinite number of spins. -The slots use a random number generator to determine the outcome of each spin based on this programming. Chances are the same that a slot can hit a jackpot/high payout on the 1st spin ever wagered on it as if it will hit one after 10,000,000 spins have been wagered on it...before it has “earned” enough wagers to cover that payout. - A small piece of each wager is contributed to the progressive jackpots. ...All of this means that the amount payed out by slots is not directly related to the amount taken in by the slots. There could be an above-average of regular (non-progressive tier) jackpot spins and other high-payout spins that have taken place causing the games to run negative for the operator for a substantial period of time, although this is very rare to be true across a large group of slots/wagers like Microgaming operates...