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  1. @Marek I got the download to start a brand new page. Where do I input my 8 secret words now? It's telling me to setup everything again, and also giving me 8 new words >.<
  2. @Marek I see the .casinocoin folder you are talking about. I deleted that along with everything that was affiliated with the download files.
  3. I deleted every single file that has casino coin associated with it. After the uninstall. Same problem occurring.. @Marek
  4. After I reinstall wallet, how do import the private keys? I can't even get past the login page @Marek
  5. I downloaded the 64bit windows desktop CSC wallet Transferred my CSC coins successfully. Logged back out and tried to re-login and the "Open Wallet" button just keep refreshing/swirling Been trying for hours now, it's so frustrating. I already tried uninstalling and re-installing the Wallet App.. Any help is much appreciated. Regards, -Sharky
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