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  1. From the last chat I saw, I didn’t expect anything different with this one. They come across as being very approachable and available to people like us, as shown with some of their presence within the CSC community. And it’s all live, so they’re not able to go through many takes and edits to make it all shiny and pretty. They took time out for the chat and I’m grateful for all they want to share with us. I have a lot of faith in what they do and how they do it. I don’t care if they want to dress in shorts and t-shirts. They are working hard to get what we all wantβ€”success! πŸ‘ They were also in that little room because they got bumped out of the office they were in, so looks like they scrambled at the last minute to come together to get the chat going at the planned time.
  2. Do you keep the wallets for them or do you give it to them? I'm afraid if I give it to them, they'll lose it. I may have to hold on to it. I like your idea for making it for your entire family. πŸ‘ I will do that too for birthdays and holidays! Boring now, but fun times for them later.
  3. Has anyone given CSC as a birthday gift to a non crypto person? A family member's bday is coming up and I'd rather give them crypto than cash!
  4. @BlackJack can you give me a hand with my earlier question?
  5. I've been purchasing with BTC (never used TUSD for anything). Anyone switched over to using TUSD now and for future purchases? Is this a better way? Do I have to purchase it outside of Cfinex and bring it in like BTC?
  6. I’m on the east coast (formerly many hours west) in the US. Travel has become my fun (planning and actual travel) the last couple of years. The Azores was my last trip and Italy in the winter will be my next. And when CSC takes off, you will find me swimming amongst the rays and sharks in Bora Bora.
  7. Cheers @LeGonze! 🍺 Yah, that's why I like it and good info that isn't always in the other threads and the excitement is awesome! I know the bikinis are more for the guys, so I'll skim through those since I'm not a dude
  8. Nope, but I'm aware. I thought there was going to be a private club here for bikinis and those kind of things? If I'm in the wrong club, my bad. Carry on fellas!
  9. I believe the private and secret key are the same. The 8 words when you set up in the beginning is for your password and you won't be able to retrieve your coins using just these 8 words if your computer crashes.
  10. ummm... hmm... I think there should be a private 'bikini club'.
  11. ok, I get that now with the pdf. thanks! I made that mistake a few days ago with the secret key vs. the password retrieval. @Marek helped me to figure it out. my convo w/Marek regarding the private keys you have to save after you create your wallet: me: as long as I have those private keys, I will be able to retrieve them even if my computer dies and if I lose my paper wallet? or is the paper wallet totally separate? Marek: Yes separate. If You dont understand this completely, export the private keys from Mac wallet, save these somewhere safe(multiple destinations away from mac) and send your coins to receive address within wallet me: the private key will be the one to safeguard? as long as I have that, I will be able to retrieve everything no matter where I am? Marek: yes.
  12. I gave up on my 5 sats because I caught FOMOitis after watching @50centCSC 's new vid and bought at 7. And sure enough, after my purchase, it dropped to 6. but what evs, I guess I can't complain since the prices are crazy low. @RonSwanson you still holding out for 5?
  13. If your computer crashes, wouldn't the secret key from the CSC wallet be enough to be able to retrieve CSC from another computer? When you create a paper wallet from the CSC wallet, it says to NOT create a PDF. Why is this?
  14. so your 1000 CSC stays stable within the BRM, but once you cash out, it becomes vulnerable to the price fluctuation and also becomes a taxable event?
  15. terrible for me, cause I easily FOMO.
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