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  1. Hey D, Welcome aboard! You'll need to start with downloading the wallet from https://casinocoin.org/downloads/ - then install it on your system. Remember to do two things: 1. Save your passphrase on a piece of paper and keep it in a safe place. 2. Backup your private keys. You can export them from Tools > Private Keys > Export Private Key File. Next, you need to activate your account before it is usable. To do so, you can simply join our Discord Community Chat at http://casinocoin.org , and activate your account using this command: !activate <account> - You'll receive 10 CSC needed to activate your account, for free. Once your account is activated, you can withdraw your CSC from Bitrue to your wallet. Go to Assets > Withdraw > CSC, and fill out the forms: Address, amount, etc. and withdraw your CSC. Best,
  2. Hey @CindyLou I'll be doing my best to meet your expectations 🙂
  3. Thank you guys, loving these forums and the enthusiasm! 👌
  4. Some videos are currently in the works. If you guys have any suggestions, please send them over.
  5. Hey guys, Just a heads up. We're working on a video series to cover this among other stuff
  6. Hello! This is Moataz. I work as a Digital Marketing consultant for the CSC Foundation. Happy to be here.
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