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  1. CasinoCoin

    0.006 EOY

    $1.27 EOY 2020
  2. CasinoCoin

    0.006 EOY

    Very good chance of it doing so.
  3. CasinoCoin

    The BRM is Cool!

    Hope so! That would generate a lot of interest for sure!
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  5. CasinoCoin

    New Pair CSC/DOGE

    Exchanging doggy coin for CSC would be very wise.
  6. CasinoCoin

    New Pair CSC/DOGE

    DOGECOIN is a joke along with the creator Jackson Palmer. No serious exchange should be listing crap like that.
  7. CasinoCoin

    Can this be competition to CSC?

    They can try to compete but Casinocoin is way ahead in both technology and speed. Terrible branding too. BitLoad4U. Whoever thought up that wants shot!
  8. CasinoCoin

    [SOLVED] Desktop wallet wonky?

    Sometimes the desktop wallet likes to pretend your balance is zero making you panic ...it thinks it's very funny. After a while it will show you the correct balance. Annoying little devil . I gave it a good talking to last time it did that and it hasn't done it since.
  9. Doubt it. Plenty of countries where online gambling is legal.
  10. Guns are fine but don't even think about placing a bet. America is a strange place.
  11. Sure wish I understood what any of it means.
  12. CasinoCoin

    The World of CasinoCoin

    Looks great!
  13. Maybe the creator wishes to remain anonymous. Someone is holding almost 3 billion CSC, maybe the creator?
  14. CasinoCoin

    Any info about Bitcoin Lite (btcl)?

    Never heard of it. I assume it's yet another Bitcoin fork.
  15. CasinoCoin

    Free Fallin Today

  16. CasinoCoin

    Name the smallest part of CSC

    The smallest part of CSC is called a "Schecky", named after John Caldwell's Discord username. 1,000,000 Scheckies = 1 CSC
  17. CasinoCoin


    .0007 is CSC/XRP price
  18. CasinoCoin

    Binance Listing !

    The current exchanges are great. No real need for Binance but once CSC is in use and players are using the BRM then a listing on one of the major, trusted exchanges would be good. Binance would be a bonus and I believe CSC will become a top 30 if not top 20 coin on CMC in future so I'd expect Binance to list it then.
  19. CasinoCoin

    Difficulty cashing out when ready?

    I know all about tripwires. I've had my bank account suspended 3 times and that was for wanting to buy Cryptocurrency. Even small amounts can cause your account to be frozen. I'll be calling the bank(s) in advance to let them know.
  20. CasinoCoin

    Difficulty cashing out when ready?

    I don't see this being a problem. With XRP early investors who bought millions of XRP at $0.006 were able to cash out millions of dollars in Jan last year when the price went over $1.