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  1. CasinoCoin

    Sold all CSC

    Reserve Rights RSR is a good one. I bought a load of XDC too. Very cheap at the moment.
  2. Not necessarily. Price reacts to good news. Could easily be 4 or 5 sats+ by end of year or early next year.
  3. Just saw a buy order for 40 million CSC.
  4. I can understand your point of view. The 25billion injection is far from ideal but the way I see it is if they can sort out the funding and the liquidity problems then they're back on track and in a better position than before. Daniel should have been made director from the start in my opinion. Smart, hard worker and the king of multi-tasking. Getting CSC on any one of the top exchanges such as Bittrex, Binance, Kraken etc. would be helpful, target the low hanging fruit instead of going for tier 1 operators who I don't think are ready yet, get CSC integrated on the Nano Leger, get it marketed properly and I don't see why the project can't be successful.
  5. @777I'm seeing TT, CR8 and GFG tx, not many but they are there. Yes you're right Cammegh have removed CC from their site but they've also removed lots of none CC related content too. Cammegh is still listed as a partner on Casinocoin.org. Obviously with coronavirus their operations have been disrupted and I wouldn't imagine CSC is a top priority at the moment.
  6. Some are cashing out which is understandable. I'm more optimistic now than ever about CSC with the change in leadership. Yes it's a gamble but so is investing in any digital asset. Things will get back on course and once CSC hits a major exchange it's off to the races.
  7. What's needed is good marketing and at least one major exchange (preferably Binance) and a few deals under their belt and and I wouldn't be surprised if the price went back to what it was early in the year or higher. Nano Ledger integration would be great too.
  8. The price has gone to shit but it will bounce back. CSC is in good hands with Daniel at the helm. Looking to buy some more while the price is low.
  9. Havent been able to access any of my CSC. Kept them on the old wallet but it wants me to create a new one. No idea where they have gone.
  10. I'm very bullish about the new developments. I'm sure @Daniel Keller will be here at some point to clarify things. For any new members that have joined you can read the latest CSC chat on Discord at casinocoin.chat
  11. Panic sellers basically.
  12. We simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful. - Warren Buffett
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