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  1. Love it! It's a pity some of the commenters in his YT video don't understand that he isn't switching from XRP to CSC. He has done his research, sees the huge potential and is diversifying which is a smart thing to do. I hope to see more videos on CSC by DM Logic.
  2. Start of live stream. Starts in 63 mins.
  3. I was planning on using Coinbase but recently they have messed me about asking for ID verification after changing location. Took over a week. Will probably use Kraken instead.
  4. CasinoCoin

    Hi CSCchat !

    Hi @King_Boo welcome to the forum! Don't worry you're not too late!
  5. That's a very well written article the author knows what he's talking about.
  6. CasinoCoin

    Intro to CasinoCoin!

    DM logic is a smart man. I don't watch many YT videos about crypto but I watch his.
  7. What are you talking about??
  8. "I have a nice bag of XRP but it’s time to face reality that it’s a shitcoin..."
  9. I plan on selling some CSC at 12 cents. My second cash out will be around $1.50.
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    New CasinoCoin Presentation

    I like it! Superb detailed presentation.
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    Payment Expert Forum 2019

    Ash Tawakley is the speaker at The CasinoBeats Summit 2019 which runs alongside the Betting on Sports conference in September at Olympia in London. https://sbcevents.com/casino-beats-summit/speakers/
  12. As far as I can tell 4.1.5 won't be supported after Dec 31st but you can still use it.
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    The owner was last online June 2nd. Hey @Sheldon what's happening?