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  1. CasinoCoin

    The World of CasinoCoin

    That's excellent!
  2. I have no doubt that those who have the patience and hold CSC long term (by long term I mean 2-5 years) will see extraordinary returns on their investment.
  3. CasinoCoin

    Token Update From Las Vegas - 26th of June, 2019

    Great stuff! So many good things happening.
  4. Too many people can't see the bigger picture and they sell far too soon. CSC and XRP are long term holds for me.
  5. CasinoCoin

    Just for fun, first crazy thing you'll buy?

    XR "crap" hit $3.84 in Jan 2018.
  6. CasinoCoin

    Just for fun, first crazy thing you'll buy?

    I won't buy anything I'll be investing the money.
  7. CasinoCoin

    Convert CSC to XXX

    That's useful!
  8. Wouldn't surprise me if they have several deals. The Cammegh deal is pretty big news.
  9. CasinoCoin

    Bitrue Withdrawal Fee

    Fee is tiny.
  10. CasinoCoin

    Top 1000 Accounts

    They look great!!
  11. CasinoCoin

    CSC ROI 2019 better than XRP

  12. CasinoCoin

    Tron Foundation

    I don't trust Justin Sun that's for sure. I've always steered well clear of TRON.
  13. CasinoCoin

    Average Buying Price

    In future people will be boasting how their DCA is 10 cents.
  14. CasinoCoin

    Top 1000 Accounts

    If you keep holding long enough you'll make the top 100.