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  1. 2 excellent videos. This really is a game changer!
  2. This coin has so much potential I think these kinds of gains are possible. $1 is very achievable. XRP went to $3.80 off nothing more than speculation.
  3. Welcome to the CasinoCoin Foundation advisory board, Mark Wittenberg. Mark brings with him many years of experience within the blockchain space, with a particular focus on partnerships, collaborations and integrations. He is part of the core marketing team at Verge Currency ($XVG), focussing on business development, partnerships, and community engagement. He also advises at projects including Paycent and XcelTrip, and has a role at Blockchain Business Magazine as content manager and podcast host. Mark will be focused on building out our fiat-to-crypto payment options, as well as advising more broadly on the ever-changing payments landscape. https://casinocoin.org/board-of-advisors/
  4. Great to see a video of that!
  5. I like the Ethereum comparison. He explains things very well.
  6. Very good video for anyone new to CasinoCoin. I think we'll see more and more videos in the coming weeks and months and I think many of them will be created by XRP holders who have invested in CSC.
  7. https://medium.com/@HolyK1cks/ama-with-egamingfunds-george-mcintosh-ad66176e9b10
  8. This is massive! Great stuff!!
  9. I remember when xrpchat went down once before and a lot of them came over here lol
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