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  1. ChiefOfBeef

    Hot garbage

    You’re hard
  2. ChiefOfBeef

    Liquidity best way to buy?

    Last buy we made was 7.5 btc. Mainly on NLexch come at me
  3. ChiefOfBeef

    0.006 EOY

    $0.25 EOY
  4. ChiefOfBeef

    Binance Listing !

    I made that up
  5. ChiefOfBeef

    Binance Listing !

    0.01 CSC = 1 Deej ???
  6. ChiefOfBeef

    Binance Listing !

    Agree with all above. Won’t binance being in Malta mean it will be regulated and get fiat pairs...??
  7. ChiefOfBeef

    Binance Listing !

    When binance??
  8. ChiefOfBeef

    future exchanges

    The foundation doesn’t really do pre-announcements. When things are ready to launch officially is when you hear about it. I am certain bigger exchanges with the right fit for CSC will come. It has be stated that by the sandbox going live this will give much more traction is this area.
  9. ChiefOfBeef

    Profits and Tax (UK)

    You know people are bullish when the tax avoidance chat comes out 🤪🤪🤪
  10. ChiefOfBeef

    The prise swings in CSC are strange

    It’s people buying and selling