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  1. Sal

    When Will the BRM be released?

    A lot of optimism in here 🙂
  2. Sal


  3. Sal

    Finally a member

  4. Sal

    Exchanges and BRM

    Yes, BRM will be the easiest way to buy/sell but there will be responsible gambling limits to adhere to. Also you will only be able to buy/sell at market price, so you won’t be able to set limit orders or anything like that. More exchanges will (hopefully) equal higher liquidity so would be a helpful bonus rather than a necessity.
  5. I’m guessing this is about the dogecoin pair on nuex and some European countries have odd sounding dogs ? 😂
  6. Bots are technical...?
  7. Sal

    Free Fallin Today

    Usually as it’s dipping. It’s just a potential sign of a bigger dip as you can never tell how big the snowball will grow.
  8. Sal

    Free Fallin Today

    All major stable coins are in the $1.01 - $1.03 region this morning, could be heading for another steep drop...
  9. Sal

    Merry X-mas to you all

    Merry CSChristmas to all.
  10. Sal

    Recent BTC rice is a Dead Cat Bounce?

    Bitcoin is one f___ing bouncy cat.