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  1. Sal

    BABB's BAX token

    Now less than a sat, probably should have resisted
  2. The Cammegh partnership has been 5 months in the making and we didn't have a clue until Richard joined the board of advisors. Plenty more action will be happening behind the scenes. Not long ago John said "tokens tokens tokens"... We now have Cammegh tokens... What about the other tokens tokens... I predict 2 more upcoming announcements
  3. Sal

    [EU] Cheap way to buy CSC by CreditCard

    Anyone know what the tax implications are when using the wirex card for purchasing a lambo?
  4. Sal

    BABB's BAX token

    Couldn't resist buying back in a little at 3 sats.
  5. Sal


    Nuex has been great for me. Support got back to me in minutes (although that was when they had only been online a couple of days).
  6. Definitely a good thing! But I think people expecting instant volume and 2x price from it will be disappointed. Happy if Iā€™m wrong.
  7. Wishful thinking if you ask me. Don't want to be a party pooper but being listed on a bigger exchange won't guarantee extra volume, Bitrue may just eat into existing exchanges volume.
  8. I wonder if Cammegh is the land based supplier that approached the foundation...
  9. It has been confirmed they are working with a tier 1 operator worth around $25 billion. No names mentioned yet... but I have my suspicions.
  10. For large buys I'd spread it across all 3 exchanges, they all have volume on different days it seems.
  11. Sal

    H'ya ALL

  12. Sal

    Any New Exchanges?

    This is what I want to hear šŸ™‚ Do you have a source for this Marco? I haven't seen it mentioned before.
  13. Sal

    Any New Exchanges?

    Glad we're on the same page šŸ¤£
  14. Sal

    Any New Exchanges?

    How is the vulnerable market issue solved? I check discord daily and haven't heard anything from the foundation on this.