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  1. Sal

    What other coins do you have?

    NEX (Neon Exchange) has a solid team behind it, what I (and many others) believe will be a ground breaking product, and it's a registered security that will pay out monthly dividends to stakers from exchange fees. HVN (Hiveterminal), the team have been very active building what looks like a great product (invoice factoring for retail level investors). My faith in this project is dwindling though as they recently went live with the website, however nobody is using it and they don't appear to be doing much marketing-wise.
  2. Sal

    What other coins do you have?

    XRP, NEX and HVN plus a few NEP-5 tokens from airdrops.
  3. I agree there is a need for liquidity. I have asked a few times about this in the fireside chats (specifically if they will be using market makers to create liquidity) but not had an answer as yet.
  4. Sal

    XRP buying back

    You're a braver man than me.
  5. Sal


    Volume ain’t too shabby at the moment 😀
  6. Sal

    CasinoCoin Talk

    Exacty my thoughts.
  7. Sal

    CasinoCoin Talk

    CSC>USD would be nicest.
  8. Sal

    CasinoCoin Talk

    Too early to think about at the moment. I guess whichever exchange has the highest CSC volume at the time, unless there is an OTC market by then...
  9. Sal


  10. Sal

    Tired of Baby Exchanges

    Nuex is a great exchange.
  11. Sal

    Ding Dong The BiTCh is dead!

    I love seeing these videos of Vitalik calling out Dr Craig. He does it so unaggressively and comes across as quite humble; and has facts or at the least a very reasonable argument to back it up. The complete opposite in every way to the man he's speaking out against.
  12. Sal

    NUEX has added Live Chat Support

    This puts them head and shoulders above any other exchange support-wise. Who knows, Nuex may end up being CSC's 'big' exchange...