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  1. Get on the Discord channel and do some reading. It’s all there, both overt and “hinted” statements.
  2. Foundations members pointed out Q4 2019 will be a flurry of announcements. Certainly the realization of the token ecosystem is itself huge news! However, I am also looking for word on the core biz use case of BRM adoption by one or more operators as EOY 2019 would mark a full year of no “announced” BRM partner. Does it matter in the short-term: no. It takes patience and execution for the magic to happen.
  3. The article never tackled the elephant in the room: AML, KYC, provable-fair, and regulatory compliance. That essentially shakes out what are thousands of illegal Internet gambling operators. And when that happens, I hope the industry comes running to Casinocoin as the solution.
  4. @Tarek Saad Great post. Thank you for compiling and sharing your projections!
  5. IMHO, as others said, it could be. Still, the Foundation is pursuing a non-ICO’ed, fully issued coin supply approach (as mentioned by JC) that will be regulatory friendly in other jurisdictions like the U.S. So their should be minimal blockers when scaling. So “competition” is not just the tech capabilities but multi-jurisdiction presence too. IMHO.
  6. @ChrisCodec in the house! Glad to join this community and support the Foundation.
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