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  1. Doing just fine, thanks -- like everybody else, just accumulating and biding time ... I love what I've been reading lately with regards to https://asgblockchain.com/#our-team It's refreshing to see that a team can stay focused on their mission while allowing for a little bit of expansion if need be. Now if you'll excuse me ---- FIAT has arrived!
  2. Right answer! Good to see you bull ... hope all is well
  3. With the holidays fast approaching, don’t forget about those that mean the most to you Rey.
  4. CountGambula

    [FIXED] All CSC disappeared from Wallet

    All I can offer is that explorer is working fine for me. Can't speak to his issue there, but - given that the missing coin issue is resolved, might be good to change the thread title to "I thought all my CSC was gone, but it wasn't"
  5. CountGambula

    [FIXED] All CSC disappeared from Wallet

    Definitely email the CSC Foundation!
  6. CountGambula

    [FIXED] All CSC disappeared from Wallet

    This is STEX, if nothing else. https://explorer.casinocoin.org/address/cnUJVtBZfrWL7aianLkq3S2SpnQg2XiKHb Happy that worked out for you!
  7. CountGambula

    [FIXED] All CSC disappeared from Wallet

    Is the transaction showing up in explorer? STEX support was very helpful to me a short time ago, if you open a ticket they'll get back to you in short order.
  8. CountGambula

    XRPchat refugees club

  9. CountGambula

    Respect Due: CSC Foundation & STEX

    Likewise LeBronze! ... In the middle of all that I got set up on NUEX finally ... I know using XRP this way seems counterintuitive to some, but not having to use Bitcoin to buy crypto is fantastic. Yet another XRP pairing is good news for both of our favorite projects.
  10. Some of you may have seen this posted on XRPchat, and for those who hadn't - here is a little story about a recent experience: "Let me say something about STEX ... the other night, I registered, and moved a pretty decent amount of CSC over to it. Thing is, I somehow managed to make that mistake - omitting the destination tag. I copied and pasted it into the submission window in my CSC wallet, but must've cleared it somehow before sending. STEX was having some issues, but I opened a ticket as soon as I was able to, and support got back to me within a few hours. They asked me to provide verification, in the form of a picture of me holding my ID, and a piece of paper with the date/STEX written on it, etc... like you'd have to do for verification on most exchanges. I was going to ask them if they could return the CSC to my wallet, but they went ahead and loaded them into my new account. They didn't have to do any of that, and they were great about it. So, kudos to them. In the interim, I'd also emailed the CSC foundation to see if somebody could verify whether or not I left out the destination tag. @Daniel Keller emailed me back within a half-hour it seemed (this was Sunday night in Boston) ... he checked their servers and provided me with a link to CSC Charts, similar to XRP Charts, and I was able to see the transaction that way. Again, couldn't have been nicer about it. So - my two cents - I have an enormous amount of respect for both STEX and the team at CSC." Thanks again Daniel, and to both Artur & Kirill from STEX if they happen to be lurking here
  11. CountGambula

    Get your funds off of Cfinex!

    I was tickled when I saw that there was an XRP/CSC pair on NLexch ... then I realized that I was the only one at the market. Currently: waiting for @LeGonze to get lost in the fine print and make a mistake there, whereupon I gobble up his CSC
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    Wen sandbox
  13. CountGambula

    Roll Call - CarloRossi in Attendance

    Wasn't sure if this is where we're supposed to stop to get wanded and have a pat down, but great to see everybody here! Kudos to all involved for making this happen ... hope everybody is having a great weekend!