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  1. Then you'll be sorely disappointed in what CSC is trying to do. Help the gambling industry follow the requirements of KYC and compliance, within a regulatory framework. Or is this just a random coin for you? I'm confused.
  2. I don't know, boss, I don't have a relationship with either. So fucking, saying fucking constantly ain't gonna help 🙂 Why don't you ask them and then let us know too?
  3. You're right re the withdrawal limits. The amounts in USD need to fixed higher. However, if BTC was at 5K, it's pretty much the same as Kraken Tier 3, isn't it? Or am I missing something?
  4. Fidgetspinner


    @crz : Welcome to CSCChat. You may want to check out csceppening and the Speculation and Trading Club. Cheer
  5. Fidgetspinner


    I found an easy way out of that problem. I stopped wearing pants. 😄
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    Welcome @Flintstone !
  7. @Wutang2889 : He clearly says there is no release date as of now.
  8. Fidgetspinner

    Move 2FA to a new Mobile

    @Daz : Great insights. Can you please create a fresh topic and post your insights about Authy etc viz Google Authenticator. Maybe the mods can pin it later. Thanks for the research.
  9. Fidgetspinner

    Move 2FA to a new Mobile

    https://www.bitstamp.net/article/two-factor-authentication-2fa/ Painful to get a 2FA reset https://www.kraken.com/en-us/bypass-otp Easier
  10. Fidgetspinner

    Move 2FA to a new Mobile

    You need to have that code which usually shows up along with the QR. And store that somewhere. Without it, it's impossible to move at Google 2FA to a new phone. You have to contact the site and get them to help. Some of them have an option for lost 2FA. It's not uncommon for that to happen.
  11. Fidgetspinner

    Bitbull calls bottom for BTC

    Don't ask. Wait I'm busy now. Can't find my dentures.
  12. Fidgetspinner

    Bitbull calls bottom for BTC

    Hey, to me IIRC means IRC (Internet Relay Chat) with an extra I by mistake!
  13. Fidgetspinner

    NUEX has added Live Chat Support

    So, this sound about right. They've charged @Deividas approx 10 USD, so at that time it probably was just under the value of 50 XRP, a few dollars less.
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    Welcome to the forum @JonCrypto !