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  1. Oh I absolutely agree. I was referring to the "Happy Problem" as the price being high enough to want to cash out. Nothing more! The rest of the logistic issues need to be thought out properly, in advance, keeping in mind jurisdictional issues and vagaries of banks.
  2. My thinking is that if we have this problem of cashing out, it's a happy problem to have. The price will be reflective of the fact that liquidity is available, and there are enough takers. However, withdrawal into FIAT is another matter. There is a good chance that withdrawal limits will be reached and multiple withdrawals will have to be made. So, I guess multiple exchanges / methods will need to be used. Also, banks should be made aware to expect transfers with specific details from where the funds are arriving. Else all kinds of tripwires will be set off - since that amount will be much higher (for me at least) than normal transactions.
  3. Super observation. I probably never face this on any site, because I'm really slow in reading off my mobile (THICK, THICK GLASSES!). So I don't try to beat the clock - and wait for a fresh code every time. And I normally log in via a desktop browser, so can't copy/paste. 😄
  4. No problems here. And their server seems to be running on the proper time, in UTC: https://api.nuex.com/api/v1/exchangeInfo
  5. As an example, take this sentence: This is a test. The SHA256 checksum is : 11586d2eb43b73e539caa3d158c883336c0e2c904b309c0c5ffe2c9b83d562a1 Now remove the period at the end, to make this sentence This is a test The SHA256 for this is : 9d63c3b5b7623d1fa3dc7fd1547313b9546c6d0fbbb6773a420613b7a17995c8 This shows that even a tiny change will completely change the checksum
  6. Oh, nothing dumb about that question. I should have elaborated right at the beginning. Apologies. Every software or any file can be uniquely identified by a signature (checksum). Which means that even a small change in that file will make that checksum change. These are the checksums for the files downloaded from the casinocoin.org official site. Many times software can be downloaded from different sources - one of the ways to check that no malicious party has added some tiny little changes to the original software, is to compare the checksum with the official checksum. This is a very common method used by nasty people to get you to install something that looks and feels like the real thing, but is actually specifically crafted to do bad things to your computer, and possibly steal your money. While these values given above haven't been published by casinocoin.org, I have personally downloaded the wallet software from their site and created these checksums. Anyone else can do the same, and confirm my values above. In fact, I encourage that - since I could have made copy/paste errors. The basic checksum is done by MD5, a superior one by SHA1 and an even more superior by SHA256. The chances of two files having the same checksum under the last method, is small enough to ignore completely.
  7. SHA256 checksums for CSC wallet software (4.1.4) Windows casinocoin-wallet-ia32-4.1.4.exe 2efd96dbd83ae27f0957af0fb6747c6efa1587f7d0fa53603bcf0f8a3ae521b5 casinocoin-wallet-x64-4.1.4.exe d402f849dae5cdcff9a60c5ab05a478eebad42953648baca058dda1aa59a96a1 Mac casinocoin-wallet-4.1.4.dmg 689ec1759d30891d03a6b79fb391a2369cfb9d762831c01270bdd1b030960ce3 Linux casinocoin-wallet-4.1.4.x86_64.rpm 1918c0f21047a897b03e3f28699defd7d2fd8597f06e763692b561e0b32c179f casinocoin-wallet_4.1.4_amd64.deb dddb57ce14ebbfac79834eb43a81fbc3f9e971a3bb1c83a75f45a0a143823aa4 Verify here after downloading https://emn178.github.io/online-tools/sha256_checksum.html As always, only download from official sources
  8. Silly question, did you type - node cscwallet.js ? Because it doesn't look like node is being used.
  9. Unfortunately, I know very little about Javascript, and even less about Windows. Sorry!
  10. Yes. It's cscwallet.js , not xrpwallet.js
  11. And of course, already installed it. Can't resist the geekiness!
  12. I know there's one vanity address miner for xrp addresses that uses GPUs for scale.
  13. Good luck getting help when you've got an attitude like this. First off, choose your post title wisely. We aren't here to sell you on anything. We're community members - not CSC salespeople, and have done our own research. Despite that, many members have gone out of their way to answer you in some detail. You seem to have the answers that you're willing to accept - they're all your own. Since you called yourself dum dum, we'll leave it at that. BTW, it's though not thou !
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