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  1. therippening

    TRX -> CSC

  2. Not everybody has the skills, time, or resources for every job but everybody has great ideas. Looking to see if we can come up with some good ideas for bountys for the CSC Foundation. https://casinocoin.org/bounties/
  3. therippening

    TRX -> CSC

    Oh I did it.
  4. therippening

    Stex Connection Issues

    Looks like orderbook on CSC showing sell and buy for 14 sats.
  5. Anyone else having issues with Stex? Seems to be down except main page.
  6. therippening

    TRX -> CSC

    Fair enough. Im not emotionally trading even though I used the the word "feel". Im being objective. TRX i tied to USDT which has a target on its back right now. I still have some TRX and coincidentally I did sell when it was on the rise but did not capture up to .0249 Seeing as CSC is about to be added to Bitrue sometime soon I feel ROI short term has a greater chance of success. When Bitrue news breaks I expect it to bounce off 22 sats again and thats a 50% gain for me. I doubt TRX is gonna hit .036 anytime soon but then again.... its crypto. With Justin Sun alledgedly spending 40 Mil of imaginary USDT money on BNB, BTC, and TRX sure maybe .036 with FOMO buyers. I dont think it will get there though.
  7. Looking for outside perspective. I hold some TRON which only benefits me for BTT which may not benefit me at all honestly. In light of the USDT scandal which is finally breaking open I feel as if TRX might become a bad hold. Think of migrating some over to CSC due to announcement yesterday that they will have some commercial dealings this year. Thoughts?
  8. therippening

    bitexbook listed CSC

    Thats a ridiculous spread 12/19 ? Not a chance. I promise someone is arbitraging the crap out of that.
  9. therippening

    New Exchange - Bitrue

    That is true. 1st one is tough.
  10. therippening

    New Exchange - Bitrue

    Im not sure much lower he was hoping for because it hit 2 sats March 21st. I dont think he is gonna get it for free.
  11. therippening

    New Exchange - Bitrue

    Like I said.... 3rd party companies adopting XRP use case. That is the focus. 1. Programmatic selling - It is theirs. They dont have to disclose what they do with it 2. Banks make money from charging TX fees. Not in their best interest yet to move over. Payment providers are competing. Easy targets. 3. xRapid volume. - As a new product being used by traditional remittance systems Volume is increasing over time. Get over it that its not as much as you would like. It is increasing. 4. Brad and David have both said that banks are hesitant. See #2. Also there are banks using RippleNet and not all partners have been disclosed. So there is no way to tell at this point if Brad did not keep his word. Not announced does not mean not achieved. 5. Not sure what your point is with tiffany and Ripple employee + crew. Seems like a personal slam. Respect for you is dropping. 6. Don't really care about what Bob Way has to say in the grand scheme of things. Its neat info and backstory but not helping the adoption directly. This isnt relevant to the actual adotion which is what should be your focus. 7. David selling XRP - David has not confirmed as far as I know that that account was his. Regardless it is his and the business conditions that he may have required him to do so or personal decisions are none of yours. Focus on adoption Everything else is just noise. More companies are adoption XRP for use. You have a right to your opinion, this one is mine.
  12. therippening

    CSC Chat Members on Twitter

  13. therippening

    New Exchange - Bitrue

    Doesnt make any sense. Institutions are adopting XRP for real use case. Very unlikely it will not succeed.
  14. therippening

    New Exchange - Bitrue

    I dont see it.
  15. therippening

    New Exchange - Bitrue

    This is most likely gonna happen. Sell walls are dropping much fast today. Wish I could post images in here.