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  1. Its possible it is in discussion. I dont imagine a response super quickly.
  2. package has been fixed and now is on pypi. Will require -> sudo apt install python3.7-dev pip install bitrue-python *OFFICIALLY RELEASED - https://pypi.org/project/bitrue-python/
  3. Vote for CSC to get added to Power Piggy.
  4. Upon request or when I think of something I build out example scripts into the examples folder. Make a request Ill be happy to build it. Most trades in crypto and traditional markets are done via automation. Join the party!
  5. UPDATE: There was an issue with my setup.py file. I fixed it this morning. Follow quick start guide to get it going https://github.com/snub-fighter/python-bitrue#quick-start Manual Method Download zip Unzip Place package (folder 'python-bitrue') in 'site-packages' directory or preferred location ('Python Install Folder ' \Lib\site-packages) open command prompt Navigate to above folder. pip install -e python-bitrue
  6. With a little script you can now automate your CSC trading using my python-bitrue package. There is an auto buy back example already created. full_trade_cycle.py Creates a sell order Watches orderId for fullfillment If filled automatically create a buy back order at your predefined price. Coil Integration I have integrated Coil payment streaming into it. If you are a coil subscriber + have firefox + have coil addon it will stream payments as a contribution. If you do not want to contribute you can easily disable that feature. You will never see the browser so it will never get in your way or accidently close it. Upon program termination the hidden firefox browser also closes down thus completely terminating any streaming or unwanted resource usage.
  7. Not everybody has the skills, time, or resources for every job but everybody has great ideas. Looking to see if we can come up with some good ideas for bountys for the CSC Foundation. https://casinocoin.org/bounties/
  8. Looks like orderbook on CSC showing sell and buy for 14 sats.
  9. Anyone else having issues with Stex? Seems to be down except main page.
  10. Fair enough. Im not emotionally trading even though I used the the word "feel". Im being objective. TRX i tied to USDT which has a target on its back right now. I still have some TRX and coincidentally I did sell when it was on the rise but did not capture up to .0249 Seeing as CSC is about to be added to Bitrue sometime soon I feel ROI short term has a greater chance of success. When Bitrue news breaks I expect it to bounce off 22 sats again and thats a 50% gain for me. I doubt TRX is gonna hit .036 anytime soon but then again.... its crypto. With Justin Sun alledgedly spending 40 Mil of imaginary USDT money on BNB, BTC, and TRX sure maybe .036 with FOMO buyers. I dont think it will get there though.
  11. Looking for outside perspective. I hold some TRON which only benefits me for BTT which may not benefit me at all honestly. In light of the USDT scandal which is finally breaking open I feel as if TRX might become a bad hold. Think of migrating some over to CSC due to announcement yesterday that they will have some commercial dealings this year. Thoughts?
  12. Thats a ridiculous spread 12/19 ? Not a chance. I promise someone is arbitraging the crap out of that.
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