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  1. I wouldn't sell if I were a top ten holder at these prices unless something is up would you? Hope all is well up there lol. Can't wait for this thing to fly and get some proper PR going. In due time i Suppose....
  2. skywalker

    XRP having a mini Bull Run

    feels good. lets see how it hodls up 🙂 looking forward to CSC's bull run this year...
  3. I didn't see the stream and by all accounts, i'm glad I didn't. I know someone sent some CSC shoes to that guy, maybe we need to send a dozen CSC polo shirts for goodness sake. I'm in for .50 then I don't care what they wear! 😉
  4. skywalker


    I missed that cchat. Anything substantial ?
  5. skywalker

    race car sponsor for CSC! lol

    new to me. has he raced yet?
  6. skywalker


    50 mil! yikes. Your plan is to sell all at .50? 25mil cash prize. I wonder what news will get us to .50? what do you guys think 12-16months out? Waiting on their updated road map.
  7. skywalker


    Matthew, what do you see as CSC's biggest hurdle to early stage adaption and what is your plan to solve it? Looking forward to a great run with CSC!
  8. Great job! Make more.
  9. Nice read. I've bought in. Looking forward to a nice ride with them. Question, What other companies are trying to do the same thing as CSC? Competition?
  10. skywalker


    Hello all. What's the next catalyst we should be waiting for that would pump the price of this lovely CSC? I don't mean a rise in the overall market, just CSC? Is there an current road map for these guys? Getting listed on more exchanges and maybe even nano support but what else? I don't usually buy, then research but that's what I did on this one.
  11. skywalker

    Looking for Mac Users

    10.12.2 worked fine. no issues
  12. skywalker


    Bought the first round of CSC today! SToked. Lets have some fun.
  13. skywalker


    i've never been in such a low volume/ low price coin. who is selling at .000006? i'm trying to get in around there. are just selling to each other at this point?
  14. skywalker


    loading up my bags and bounce. yep. fingers crossed and feel great about the team CSC on it's side lets go for it
  15. skywalker


    volume is really low. i'm used to Gatehub which also is bad but not this bad! I'm new to CSC. School me amigos. I just need to be super patient I assume.... At this moment, everything is in the shit. Ok. I still believe in the fundamentals of XRP and CSC so lets go for it.