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  1. exactly. FCUK technical analysis, but frankly, BTC has a long way to go down. I call 3k before 0ny sort of recovery and your 1.8k don't seem outlandish either. Yes it'll be painful, but as long as XRP holds, then the taking over of XRP vs btc will be easier. XRP needs to hold, btc needs to continue dropping and then Ripple needs to announce that one bank that uses XRP and then it's just "bye bitches" and that for good. Nuex needs to get their freakin act together though. These withdrawal limits are nothing but a joke. 10btc ain't gonna be worth more than USD 20k soon, so wtf is this nonsense.
  2. exactly my thoughts, too. I did have the money. It's not like I had to wait... but the play was OK per se. btc is still dropping and has space to go down, so.... but that's what happens when you get the long waited for XRP listing.. coins stop giving a damn about BTC price... "die Geister die ich rief" as the Germans say...
  3. I'ma greedy bastard. I overshot my goal by 200% already but pffff. want more
  4. looking at their 10btc withdrawl limit per day, I stick to my assessment.plus they work in like 1 browser only...
  5. bought against XRP at Nuex. what a ripoff. couldve gotten half a million more, even at 7sats with NLEXCH. Nuex sucks, They quote insane prices. should've calculated better. That's 1 million USD at 2 USD per CSC. what a shitshow.
  6. What do you guys think? Market order ar seven or a greedy one at 5 or 6? With btc down again... why not. Thoughts?
  7. dabiggapicta

    Who is Selling?

    I noticed that. It's a bit more lively recently. Let's see if that keeps up. Been lurking a lot lately
  8. dabiggapicta

    CSC not a security

    care to elaborate? you mean BRM?
  9. dabiggapicta


    Man... that "Mack the knife" part was awesome. Let me try to one-up this with a good old igudesman & joo:
  10. dabiggapicta

    Roadmap Video Q1 2019

    how do you do that?
  11. dabiggapicta

    CasinoCoin Explorer

    if you have an offline wallet there's no other way to check the balance and if transactions have gone through, if you don't want to connect the wallet to the internet, which would defeat the whole purpose...
  12. dabiggapicta


    well... looking at how XRP performed and what's possible... hell yeah I try to get as many million CSC as possible. The earlier I can get out the less risk. Life changing money starts to start at $10mio for me. Anything below that is nice to have in addition to a job. Why wait until 1$ when you can get out at $0.50? We all know it's gonna be over after the first pump. I no no time it'll go x20 and then retrace to say x5 or x10. And then what? You'd have to pay 5-10 times more than now to get the same stack. I'm pissed because I was told about XRP in Jan 17. And I was like "pfff blockchain... bitcoin... same same..." I pile up at 19cents. But boy I'd be damn close to live changing money if I had cashed out a bit below 2$. Not even talking about ATH. So yes I'm FOMOing, cuz I'm pissed at this market. Gotta be in there while nobody gives a fuck. And finding coins that are worth the risk is hard. I bet of all the 2500+ "projects" there are maybe 3-5 that are not a total scam. And CSC is the cheapest one.
  13. Could someone post or direct me towards a guide how to set up a cold wallet (not paper), ideally from a non-network-connected machine (ideally linux)? Thanks.
  14. dabiggapicta


    the day btc is at 60k, if that ever happens, CSC will have CSC/fiat pairing on multiple exchanges, and will be worth much more than $0.09 I believe. Plus, btc dominance in terms of pairing might shrink and XRP take over, so even without CSC/fiat, the XRP price in USD might be of much more importance than that of BTC.
  15. dabiggapicta


    you greedy son of a gun hahahahaaaa May it be filled!