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  1. but... but... but.... I just wanna sell it all at once at the same price and retire the same day 😄
  2. It doesn't help to know, that one will.possibly not be able to unload 50mio CSC at 0.1 USd and not screw up the entire market
  3. damn... I'm too greedy for that
  4. 200% overshot my September 2018 target. And will buy again next month
  5. meh. my fomo always goes like this: The more I have, the less price increase I need.... dayummm hahahahahaaa
  6. buying at 5 and selling at 6 is a solid 20% everytime. the only problem is, that it's in btc not fiat lol...
  7. dabiggapicta

    Size Of Your HODL - POLL

    Very tricky situation indeed. I end up being in the very same situation after every buy and the stack just keeps increasing...
  8. dabiggapicta

    The BRM is Cool!

    getting FOMO again. even if I overshot my initial target my 200% already. you know what i mean @Zenkerthahahha
  9. Daniel, what is the status of the new Wallet? If I understand correctly, it is planned that a wallet can be created on an offline, airgapped computer and then transactions can be signed offline and the transaction file can be put on a USB stick, carried to an online PC and submitted to the network (pretty much like Rippex at the moment). Is this in place already? That would be the safest way afaik @Daniel Keller
  10. dabiggapicta


    Will do. No point in arguing. I'm getting to old for online flaming 😉
  11. dabiggapicta

    Exchanges and BRM

    Thank you. Tough question: Would you consider the BRM a safer place to cash out from than say one of the exchanges? (When I say exchanges, I do mean reputable ones like Bitstamp). Obviously nobody wants to live through the nightmare of having substantial amounts locked/frozen by an entity out of reach.
  12. dabiggapicta


    Sorry star... I wasn't aware that you decide what topics I kick off in a thread that I started.
  13. dabiggapicta


    Sure. Hey btw, are you aware about the development with regards to the offline wallet and the offline signing of transactions? adding @Daniel Keller
  14. dabiggapicta

    Exchanges and BRM

    I have asked this before, but still don't get it - I'd appreciate your inputs (and -apologies in advance if I sound like a broken record): Will we (the early buyers) actually register at the BRM, then send our CSC from our wallets there and then sell them for fiat and then send the fiat to our respective bank accounts? Thanks a lot!!!
  15. dabiggapicta


    Linking a vid from Aug 18 ^^ Anyway, let's hope it kickstarts soon