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  1. hm... could.be my internet connection
  2. every second time I open the appliation, the network status shows "not connected". Do you have the same issue?
  3. Thanks brother. Will take care of this on the weekend.
  4. thanks. will take care
  5. So... I could still send money around. Should I expect any problems if I don't switch? @Daniel Keller
  6. Do I have to go with the new wallet? I currently have version 4.1.5. What will happen after Dec 31?
  7. what impact do you expect from that?
  8. dabiggapicta


    fixed it for ya
  9. I agree with the dumping being hard to watch. And I can't stand pumper Hodor either. As for galg he provides ledger analysis which shows undisputable growth. Brad... well, he can only say so much. Never forget, they are Americans and the business culture is speaking very positively even about minor wins. That's what I had to learn by working for a large US Asset Manager. Totally different from how we speak about process here in Switzerland (we're much more humble). Comming back to the dumping. I prefer Larson selling now rather than smashing the market with a billion of XRP when the price is at $30 or $100. Imagine that. 100 billion USD in cash... Thatcs crazy. But yeah, me too I thought that we'd be at $2-3 by now with XRP. I stopped buying long time ago. I bought my stash in Autumn 2017 so I'm good. CSC though... still buying. It hasn't had one single pump that sustained. When it comes, It'll be good. And after the third pump, maybe in 4-5 years I can cash out at $0.40 to $0.50 I hope.
  10. Would you mind sharing a source for that please? Thanks
  11. how everybody is moving the goal post to EOY next year lol
  12. yes I have. Maybe I should uninstall the wallet software or try on another PC.
  13. meh. still stuck. Gotta have to chose a wallet tonopen once I open uo the software... hmmmm
  14. dabiggapicta

    Use Case Question - Price Related

    that would introduce some sort of forwards or similar. I doubt this will happen. I have quite some doubts as to how a gambler will want to actually want to hold CSC for any much longer than he has to. After all, his real life expenses are in fiat. I see this to be the standard scenario 1. Fiat to CSC for what needs to be immediatly gambled 2. CSC to fiat as soon as the gamble is over 3. cash out fiat. What I don't get is: Let's say he goes on playing roulette. Aren't the chips priced in fiat? But he just deposited CSC. Are the online casinos converting the deposited CSC into fiat again, once the player has sent them from the BRM to the respective casino?
  15. gotcha. I can import the old secret key in a new wallet. gonna try that tmrw. thanks man!