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    Vote for PowerPiggy Bitrue

    Hey guys @Ermac @Daniel Keller, Do you know what happened with this? I really really want to star this. Its been a long time since Bitrue confirmed that we won.
  2. NOTE: This was written by @Daniel Keller on the FAQs thread, but I think it deserves it's own thread. Thanks Daniel for this very detailed explanation. How to Import an existing Wallet, like your Desktop Wallet to your Mobile Wallet First of all, we need the accounts secret in order to be able to import it. If you haven't exported your Key yet, you can do it the following way: Click Tools -> Export Private Keys Enter your password Select a location where the file should be stored to. Don't be confused you have to select a folder. You will get a message that it worked. Navigate to the previously selected location and look for a file with a file name like: 2018-09-04-19-26-21-e9f94216-b6a4-fdab-39b1-f4929fecc971.keys (YOURS WILL HAVE A DIFFERENT NAME!!!). Open that file with any kind of editor, I am using Sublime here. The file will look something like this: The part we are looking for is the "secret" bit. Write it down. You will have to type it on your Mobile Wallet without the "". Head to your Mobile and open your wallet. On your main screen click on "+Add Account" Now Click on "Add Existing Address" Type in the secret you just wrote down, leave the next field blank, choose an Account Nickname and enter your password in the last field. Keep in mind that's not the PIN it's the password you chose when setting the wallet up. Once all info is in hit "Import Account". If all went correct you will get a message telling you so. You will be asked to take a backup. I recommend you do that. Once that's done just log out from your wallet and open it again. If you open your wallet now, you will see the account you just imported. That's it! NOTE #2: Here is a Video from @Wenusch also!!
  3. I think its exactly the same thing. Do you have a “Secret Key export” functionality?
  4. LeGonze

    CSC On The Move

    Well... I have some referral friends and I get some XRP everytime they trade.
  5. Bitrue is amazing... Super fast to buy with XRP...
  6. LeGonze

    Did I lose access to my wallet

    Check this thread and see if something in here can help you.
  7. LeGonze

    Did I lose access to my wallet

    Sorry I think it's another version. I don't have that one.
  8. LeGonze

    Did I lose access to my wallet

    By "Backup File" you mean your secret keys?? If that so, than you just need to import those secret keys into a new wallet and thats it.
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    I'm liking this guy more and more.
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    We all know that you don't like XRP, but we don't need you to confirm that in every possible ocassion.
  11. OMG!!... This is Beautiful!!... 😍😍
  12. LeGonze

    Cammegh Rolls Out First Phase of CasinoCoin

    Oh Yeah!! Here Comes DraftKings!!...
  13. LeGonze

    Cammegh Rolls Out First Phase of CasinoCoin

    This is just Amazing!!... It feels like your little baby is taking his first step. You have been there for a while, been supportive, been pacient and now he is starting to walk. This is a great day brothers and sisters!!!!
  14. https://www.binance.com/en/vote/upcoin So we will need to hold BNB on Binance to really Vote on that one...
  15. We just need to be patient!!... This is soooo exciting!!!
  16. I think we can get back to $0.0012 if everything goes well on this Q4...
  17. LeGonze

    When is Bitrue going to list CSC on PowerPiggy?

    I don't know man!!... But I've been checking every day since they said we won that Twitter Poll... Maybe @Ermac knows something??...