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  1. Yeah of course. I was not talking about money. It just shocked me how much he had been selling. It's basically all his stack.
  2. What?? You just posted this one: https://explorer.casinocoin.org/address/cDYSML26ygqqU5TksK5Vz6ex2JiCoSbydS
  3. The rate is basically the same... I just loooooooooooooovee Nuex and that XRP/CSC pair... It's super fast and reliable!!... On the other side... BTC is Suuuuuuuuuper Slow... But it has a little more volume so if you are setting Limit Orders it might get filled faster... I Always go to the XRP/CSC road... I love it!!...
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    Hello everybody

  5. Wow... That guy now has a little less than 9M only... He had 230M!!!...
  6. Really??... That's a lot!!...
  7. Exactly this is what we need.
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    The World of CasinoCoin

    Let's do it!!
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    Sucker for punishment

  10. That's what I heard... Since September!!...
  11. Maybe Next week??...
  12. Enough??... What does that word mean??
  13. I don't know how you guys can be so patient... As soon as I have some fiat available I go all in on Nuex XRP/CSC!!...
  14. Hello Brothers!! I just wanted to know the average buying price from you. This is something that everybody talks about and will be fun to see these averages in a few years. Here you have the formula to get the Average: Total USD invested / Total quantity of CSC. Well... Here I go... Right now My Average Buying Price is $0.0002203. I think I got a pretty good deal with these lately prices. For those that mined CXX and got CSC later, I think will have to include the Mining costs to the formula. I just know one but maybe here we have more... @oso NOTE: I'm not asking you to disclose your total USD investment or total quantity of CSChips. DISCLOSE ONLY THE AVERAGE.
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    Sucker for punishment

    As some brothers have told you... Nuex is PERFECT with that XRP/CSC pair... There's where I get all my precious CSChips...
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    New member from xrpchat

  17. Stop it... You are soooo funny!!...
  18. Absolutely... As I always say, Anything can happen, we can even touch 1 Sat... But that statement of yours was Hilarious... "Easy Swing Opportunitty"...