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    0.006 EOY

    I respectfully disagree with this... Market Cap is just a number. It doesn’t matter at all.
  2. LeGonze

    The BRM is Cool!

    Hahaa... That’s Awesome!!...
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  4. LeGonze

    Botbuy on Nuex

    That one has been there for a few months now... You just didn't notice...
  5. They just take the risk... Some operators are doing this already... You send your BTC to them and they credit to you in 15 minutes, obviously that BTC takes waaaaaaay longer than that... As I said before... It sounds stupid but they just take that risk... Anyways... As soon as everybody find out about CSC... They just will go all in on it...
  6. They don't get the BTC... They trust to get it in those 20 hrs and they credit to you that amount... It sounds stupid but they do...
  7. Totally agree with you... Of course CSC and Casino Coin Foundation will have some competition down the road... We just can't take all the pie for us... That would be just monopoly and will not be allowed... Anyways... Casino Coin has a better solution and a better team ALL AROUND, so my bet stills strong with CSC and everyday grows stronger.
  8. Easy Boy... I agree that Doge is a Joke... Actually the creator always have stated that... But it has a lot of volume and it might help CSC in some way so, I don't see any problem with this pair...
  9. LeGonze

    Botbuy on Nuex

    Oh My Dear God!!... I thought this was a joke!!... But it's true!!...
  10. LeGonze

    The World of CasinoCoin

    What is CoinPlan brother??... Looks exciting!!...
  11. LeGonze

    The World of CasinoCoin

    Yeah, my plan was to accumulate all 2018 and then stop... But hell with that!!... This bear market gives us more time to accumulate so I will do it!! I'm not touching my Zerps though...
  12. LeGonze

    The World of CasinoCoin

    Just buy it Bull!! At these prices, I will be adding Million by Million... @Ermac posted this article and makes me FOMO pretty hard too!!...
  13. This is a great article!! This makes me FOMO so hard!!...
  14. LeGonze

    Botbuy on Nuex

    It's been there almost since Nuex came live... And it's doing what bots do... Trying to get more CSC or BTC or XRP... Nothing to worry about...
  15. LeGonze

    Tired of Baby Exchanges

    That must be a World Record...
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    Hey @Daniel Keller!! Contact this exchange so they can list XRP/CSC pair!!... It would be awesome!!...
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    OMG!! Almost page 100!!...
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    But... But... But... It’s Satoshis Visioooooonnnn!!!...
  19. LeGonze

    Sell me on the project

    1. Nothing is a pressing issue until you taste something better. 2. Nope. He did not insulted you. Sarcasm is not an insult. 3. It is a great place to share thoughts and clear doubts. Not so great to come in and ask to be convinced to invest and start insulting members. Please, keep it nice and clean.
  20. LeGonze

    Sell me on the project

    Keep it nice man...