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  1. Soooo... CasinoCoin is creating that much coins... But are they also dropping the same % increments to they holders?? Or they just deflate our holdings value?? 🤔
  2. Is this real?? Is it confirmed they’re gonna inject that much?? When!??... 😟😟 That is just too much!! The original amount was 40B if I remember correctly... 😒😒
  3. Hey guys @Ermac @Daniel Keller, Do you know what happened with this? I really really want to star this. Its been a long time since Bitrue confirmed that we won.
  4. I think its exactly the same thing. Do you have a “Secret Key export” functionality?
  5. Well... I have some referral friends and I get some XRP everytime they trade.
  6. Bitrue is amazing... Super fast to buy with XRP...
  7. Check this thread and see if something in here can help you.
  8. Sorry I think it's another version. I don't have that one.
  9. By "Backup File" you mean your secret keys?? If that so, than you just need to import those secret keys into a new wallet and thats it.
  10. I'm liking this guy more and more.
  11. We all know that you don't like XRP, but we don't need you to confirm that in every possible ocassion.
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