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  1. OMG!!... This is Beautiful!!... 😍😍
  2. LeGonze

    Cammegh Rolls Out First Phase of CasinoCoin

    Oh Yeah!! Here Comes DraftKings!!...
  3. LeGonze

    Cammegh Rolls Out First Phase of CasinoCoin

    This is just Amazing!!... It feels like your little baby is taking his first step. You have been there for a while, been supportive, been pacient and now he is starting to walk. This is a great day brothers and sisters!!!!
  4. https://www.binance.com/en/vote/upcoin So we will need to hold BNB on Binance to really Vote on that one...
  5. We just need to be patient!!... This is soooo exciting!!!
  6. I think we can get back to $0.0012 if everything goes well on this Q4...
  7. LeGonze

    When is Bitrue going to list CSC on PowerPiggy?

    I don't know man!!... But I've been checking every day since they said we won that Twitter Poll... Maybe @Ermac knows something??...