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  1. LeGonze

    Just for fun, first crazy thing you'll buy?

    If CSC gets to $1.00 I would get this one!! I mean... That 0-100 Km in 1.9 seconds is brutal...
  2. LeGonze

    Just for fun, first crazy thing you'll buy?

    I was wondering the same thing!!...
  3. LeGonze

    Binance Listing !

    I know man! But they must read what’s in their webpage right??
  4. LeGonze

    Binance Listing !

    Yeah, but they are taking notice about CSC!!...
  5. LeGonze

    Bitrue Coin

  6. LeGonze

    Bitrue Coin

    I don't know... I will try to buy tomorrow... I'm just buying a package D, wich is 2,000 for $99.00... Just because I really like Bitrue... ... And Hoping to Moon...
  7. LeGonze

    Bitrue Coin

    By the way... I'm buying some...
  8. LeGonze

    Bitrue Coin

    Dude!! Have you seen BNB?? Bitrue is trying to be like Binance but with XRP as base.
  9. LeGonze

    CasinoCoin Bank Roll Manager

    Man, understand this: Casino Coin Settles in less than 4 seconds. There is no volatility in that period of time at this moment. But let's say there is some volatility, guess what?? That volatility might give you some "free" money too. As you can get $49.50, you also can get $50.50. Also, remember that Casino Coin is super cheap to transfer. You will save time and Money on those transactions. If the gamblers doesn't want to use CSC, that's fine! He can wait 5 days to get his money in the casino, spend some money to transfer that money there, do the KYC everywhere, etc. I think casinos will always have the traditional fiat/banks option.
  10. The Best Gif Ever!!!...
  11. LeGonze


    I think it gets activated by depositing at least 10 CSC.
  12. LeGonze

    Use Case Question - Price Related

    This is something that the operator might want too and he can implement. Casino Coin can work on both scenarios. 1. Just like a Bridge Currency (Like XRP). 2. It can be used as a Gambling Currency (Gambling Hodlers). At the end, The operator will decide wich one will implement or maybe both.
  13. LeGonze

    Use Case Question - Price Related

    It will depend totally on the Gambler itself and the Operator (Casino, gaming site, Sports bet, etc). I can see that you are a Zerper ( Not sure if you are in the Zerpening) but CSC will have basically the same usecase that XRP, but exclusively for the Casino Industry. If the gambler wants to hold CSC he might do it, if not, CSC will just be a super fast way to cash in and out his money (CSC settles in less than 4 secs too). Also, as you just said, the BRM will be super handy for all the different websites the gambler wants to join. Also, it will be like ETH gas for some Operators that might want to release their own token (Check today's news about this). I recommend you to join the Discord channels too. Cheers brother and Welcome!!...