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  1. Yes... On Srtex only BTC. On Nuex you can get Both BTC and XRP. 😉
  2. I don't think so man. I think it's just an update and stuff. But I don't really know.
  3. Are you serious??... What are you talking about?.. This is not an "announcement of an announcement". He is basically saying that next week we will have news and it's not all over twitter or any social media like Justin Sun and his annoying manners.
  4. LeGonze

    Hot garbage

    Can someone Ban this guy?? It's been posting like this since day 1. @Chewiecoin @oso @Marco??
  5. LeGonze

    When the market is up, CSC always down

  6. Oh sorry... You are right! I went a zero too far...
  7. I think those 10M at 100 sats are from @oso... He said something about selling at 100 sats only...
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  10. LeGonze

    H'ya ALL

  11. LeGonze

    Help please, broken laptop

    Ok.. I think @Daniel Keller knows better... Wish you luck buddy!!...
  12. LeGonze

    Help please, broken laptop

    Mmm... I mean... When you open the files of the old Hard Drive... Do you see something like that?? Because that file contains the secret key of your old wallet. If you installed a new wallet on the new laptop, those files should be totally different from the old ones.