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  1. LeGonze

    Profits and Tax (UK)

    Yeah, that’s odd... You just tell them??...
  2. LeGonze


    Yeah, it took me more than a minute but I did it!!... Blame that friking super slow BTC dinosaur... I had to use it to pump it on NLexch, stex and Nuex...
  3. LeGonze


    Ok... Give me a minute...
  4. LeGonze


    Great Article posted by @BlackJack... As always... Read it guys!!... Just remember how soon we got here... The sandbox will just start Jan 1st and will keep going for a FULL YEAR... Sooooo... JUST BE PATIENT!!!...
  5. Thanks John!! Have a great time on your Holidays too!!
  6. This is a Fantastic Article!!... Great Post!!... I looooove this part... Thanks bro!!... Keep posting these great articles!!...
  7. LeGonze

    CSC Team Quotes

    He actually made a comment about John and al the CasinoCoin Foundation Team... It would be great if you quote him there!!
  8. LeGonze


    8 Sats are going out too!!...
  9. LeGonze


    Welcome Brother!!... Keep it up!!...
  10. LeGonze

    Testnet Faucet and Testnet Explorer

    Hey @Daniel Keller!! What is this exactly??...
  11. LeGonze

    What other coins do you have?

    What do you see on those 2 tokens?? NEX and HVN??... Just curious. Legit question. By the way, I'm into XRP and CSC only, but if TRX goes to $0.0107 or less I will get some...
  12. LeGonze

    Bitflip update

    Oh Great!! I think that's a stepm forward. What is the reason you can't withdraw your coins from there?? What does Bitexbook say??
  13. I'm sorry I don't nothing about that. But I'm pretty sure @MegaNerd does!!!... He sure looks like he knows!!... Come on man... Give him a hand...