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  1. Very interesting. I can see this having a huge impact on regulated gaming and taxation accounting.
  2. This was very polished and straightforward experience. Congrats to the CSC team.
  3. I would look at different options now regarding the answer to this question than I did in 2017-2018. The rate at which solutions are developing is pretty staggering. I've pulled a credit line on a small piece of my portfolio and on this last run was practically able to pay it back by returns. I do think we may run into a pretty clear situation where cashing out will be unnecessary because what we hold is already accepted as a payment method. I don't really anticipate ever cashing out of XRP, for example, before it is widely accepted by the businesses and people that matter most. Based on the returns and backing I'm seeing in the crypto collateral credit line industry, conventional banking will either adopt the model or fall away - because the bank in your phone model that you can reload from your cold reserves for incidental spending is pretty amazing. EDIT: Not disparaging the need to convert to fiat now, BTW... I'd just advise folks to look carefully at the different instruments being developed and in particular the big names that are underwriting or backing these instruments and see if, for example, pulling a credit line collateralized by your crypto and delaying/simplifying the tax piece makes more sense. The options are changing on a quarterly if not monthly basis it seems. Far faster than I ever expected.
  4. Darn, well a guy can hope.
  5. Hi. Is this club still open?
  6. I know it's hard to only start getting attention because pump, but still - congratulations to CSC for sticking in there and holding to principles. It is just Twitter - and I think the hard work you guys are putting into the utility of CSC will pay off in more than illiquid pumps.
  7. I was surprised he did that, but I'm glad. Crypto Eri also covered it in a recent video of hers. Someone asked the modern investor about it during his last Livestream but he didn't know anything about it and he went off on how trading coins that weren't being reported on regularly in the media made no sense to him. It was a weird "I only buy the news" video which did change my view of him as an investor - not necessarily worse, but it said a lot about his risk tolerance level.
  8. Changed the title to make my point "slap you in your face with a rubber mace" obvious. I still think it is hilarious that the coins folks are stuck with is called Doo.
  9. https://www.ccn.com/tron-casino-disappearsthousands-of-investors-doomed-with-worthless-tokens I feel bad for folks stuck in this situation. It's a not so subtle reminder as to why CSC tech is so important to the ecosystem as a whole.
  10. I'm showing a surprising +40% right now.
  11. Showing 90% gain on cointracking also... What happened?
  12. I think it is important to remember your dust/shtcoins with these subcents like csc. I bought into the crpt ico, and we dropped from $2.10 to $0.10 when I converted to kin. They brought two folks on with fabricated credentials!! The community figured it out in like two days. I was gonna just write it off, but instead folded it into my subcents. Already paying off.
  13. I have been incredibly pleased with my sub-cent coins. Csc, kin and hot ftw.
  14. I'm number 118. Though I'm not entirely sure what I know that is "too much."
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