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  1. I know it's hard to only start getting attention because pump, but still - congratulations to CSC for sticking in there and holding to principles. It is just Twitter - and I think the hard work you guys are putting into the utility of CSC will pay off in more than illiquid pumps.
  2. jag216

    OZ CRYPTO Talks About CasinoCoin

    I was surprised he did that, but I'm glad. Crypto Eri also covered it in a recent video of hers. Someone asked the modern investor about it during his last Livestream but he didn't know anything about it and he went off on how trading coins that weren't being reported on regularly in the media made no sense to him. It was a weird "I only buy the news" video which did change my view of him as an investor - not necessarily worse, but it said a lot about his risk tolerance level.
  3. Changed the title to make my point "slap you in your face with a rubber mace" obvious. I still think it is hilarious that the coins folks are stuck with is called Doo.
  4. https://www.ccn.com/tron-casino-disappearsthousands-of-investors-doomed-with-worthless-tokens I feel bad for folks stuck in this situation. It's a not so subtle reminder as to why CSC tech is so important to the ecosystem as a whole.
  5. I'm showing a surprising +40% right now.
  6. Showing 90% gain on cointracking also... What happened?
  7. I think it is important to remember your dust/shtcoins with these subcents like csc. I bought into the crpt ico, and we dropped from $2.10 to $0.10 when I converted to kin. They brought two folks on with fabricated credentials!! The community figured it out in like two days. I was gonna just write it off, but instead folded it into my subcents. Already paying off.
  8. jag216

    No volume

    I have been incredibly pleased with my sub-cent coins. Csc, kin and hot ftw.
  9. jag216

    Member 300 welcome Bonus

    I'm number 118. Though I'm not entirely sure what I know that is "too much."
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    Please do go on - what's this about Texas?
  11. jag216

    New Wallet Version 4.1.4 released!

    A minor issue that I have run into in past versions and still run into with this version: When I have the wallet application open and am logged into the wallet, when my computer goes to sleep the wallet seems to automatically log out - this is fine. The problem is that when I wake the computer the prompt to select a wallet doesn't appear - I just see the casinocoin logo. And I can't close the windows because it tells me I need to use the tools -> quit menu, but no menu icons appear at the bottom either. I find that I have to force quit the application. I can open up a second instance and it will let me open/close/quit, but this has no effect on the other instance. EDIT: If I hover over the thumbnail in the taskbar click the X there, I get the same error message popup, but then the instance seems to close.
  12. jag216


    Yeah I've got a little, aiming for lots. Not sure what a realistic bag size is since my XRP bag is full.
  13. jag216

    In-game token exchanges?

    I agree, it totally would be an adoption thing assuming an SDK for integration was available. I think it would save a tone of resources currently going into policing sale of currencies for fiat - which is this big ongoing battle between gaming companies who don't want to be encumbered by the taxes and regulation involved in having their completely fictional currency being treated as if it is real. And the thing is... well, speaking of adoption - if a group of people start trying to trade your in-game currency with fiat on unauthorized exchanges - well, it seems to me that defacto a digital artifact becomes an asset - even if it doesn't even have any of the cryptographic protections of a cryptocurrency. Strange times we live in! I think the CSC use case/service provides some order and transparency to the space - I hope the gaming communities agree!
  14. jag216

    In-game token exchanges?

    Sure. As I understand it, you create a mobile kyc compliant wallet that allows gamers to seamlessly move between casino gaming platforms - bringing CSC in, play awhile, return CSC to the BRM. There are a lot of online games that establish their own in-game currencies. Often these are buyable with fiat, sometimes they are gained through performing tasks or earning achievements and these can be exchanged in-game for bonuses and enhancements. The problem is that these in-game currencies are tied to a game account - if your profile gets hacked or stolen, you lose all of your earnings. If there was a unified wallet that could translate value into CSC when you left the game and reconnect reload when you entered, you could maintain your accounts independently. It would take the heavy lifting and risk of in-game currency management off the shoulders of game developers too. For awhile, people were 'mining' gold in World of Warcraft and then selling the accounts, for example. Folks have done the calcs for gold/hr/task and figured out the fastest ways to earn gold. There are all sorts on conversations surrounding the topic of converting in-game currency to real life (RL) money. Observe the drama in action: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20753597138 Obviously it is way out of scope for the current project, but if you haven't considered it - well, it is an interesting rabbit hole alternative use case.
  15. I'm just curious if anywhere on the roadmap you plan on developing any sort of interchange API for other in-game currencies that may not have anything to do directly with gambling? e.g. it would be cool to be able to bring value in from other games - effectively be able to 'mine' while playing other games and bring proceeds into the BRM for gambling and then also be able to reverse. I know a number of folks who have done professional online gambling also were big MMO gamers and being able to add some security to those in-game currencies would be a welcome trend from a gaming perspective. Obviously that is way out of scope for the current project, but is it something you guys have given any serious consideration?