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  1. 1. What happens after BRM release.. whats on the agenda for the organization besides signing on more operators.. ? new marketing campaigns, new exchanges, etc... ? 2. Will the operator be acquiring coins directly from the CSC foundation or will be they buy on the public retail market? 3. How will the user experience for an online casino look like.. Will the user have to log on to the BRM --> then access the online casino platform via the BRM or would the BRM just be an app where users would buy CSC initially and then transfer their coins to a platform? If its the latter, I hope the transferring of coins will be as user friendly as possible.
  2. Thank you.. The BTC withdrawal matter has been resolved. Thanks for the reassuring words. Hopefully stacking these CSC pays off in the long run. 🙂
  3. Hey @Rey. Thank you for the reply. I placed a support ticket.. and never head from them. However my BTC eventually went through.. so they must have pushed it through on their end. I've since tried to withdraw my CSC bags to my wallet.. and now im getting another type of error. "withdraw error". According to Stex.. they said that they will return the coins back to my wallet in the event of a withdraw error, so ill just wait. Not exactly sure what went wrong in my attempt to withdraw my CSC. I did a test of 30 coins about a minute prior to withdrawing the entire amount and the test of 30 coins went through but the second withdraw did not. Thank you again.
  4. I attempted to withdraw .58 BTC after purchasing a bag of CSC... however once went to my email to approve the withdraw it gave me a 404 error..... I went back on to the exchange so that I could cancel the withdraw and attempt it again.. but I am not receing a notification informing me that the cancellation of this withdraw cannot me made. Im not sure why they are not letting me withdraw.. Has anyone had this issue and how was it resolved.. Pretty much freaking out. Thanks in advance