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  1. Benchmark

    JC Fresh from GE2 listen carefully . . .

    Yes I'm also mildly excited.
  2. Benchmark

    What Sat? EOY

    100 sats, and bitcoin gonna be a lot more than 8k.
  3. Benchmark

    I blame the zerpening

    You're welcome @CSC hodlers.
  4. Benchmark

    CasinoCoin Night Club

    Shits gonna get real.
  5. Benchmark


    Bitrue is gonna be the catalyst to get CSC on more exchanges and pump the volume.
  6. Lol. This is gold.
  7. Benchmark

    Average Buying Price

    My average buy price is below $1 / CSC so I'll be fine long term.
  8. Benchmark

    CasinoCoin...Worth a Gamble?

    Nice. Bulls are back.
  9. Benchmark

    CSC Chat Members on Twitter

  10. Benchmark

    New Exchange - Bitrue

    Lol. I love reading b*llshit. You obviously have not done any research on either XRP or CSC.
  11. Benchmark

    New Exchange - Bitrue

    Where are the FUDders now?
  12. Benchmark

    CasinoCoin Night Club

    Glad to be on board the CSC train. = me after CSC has revolutionized online casinos.
  13. Same place where I buy my rolex watches and lambos.
  14. Benchmark

    XRPchat refugees club

  15. Benchmark

    XRPchat refugees club

    I knew it was a smart move to buy CSC after @Zenkert shilled that thing. Without CSC we would still be on Twitter like a bunch of idiots.