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  1. Lancsgent

    Difficulty cashing out when ready?

    OK, maybe. Fair enough.
  2. Lancsgent

    Difficulty cashing out when ready?

    I sort of see your frustration, but would you feel such frustration for someone who became indebted for a new Mercedes, or a loan for a start up business? (not endorsing debt by the way)
  3. Lancsgent

    If xrp does its thing..

    Two main reasons 1) xrp is intended to be a bridge asset primarily, rather than a currency. (Especially a gambling currency) 2) Ripple would most likely run a mile from anything associated with gambling in view of their banking and FI connections that they have spent many years establishing. However, I have a suspicion that you know this.
  4. Lancsgent

    Binance Listing !

    OK, then Covesting exchange fits this criteria perfectly. One of the first DLT regulated exchanges. Listing is FREE!! They did a soft launch in December I think and are due to do a full launch any week now. Fiat pairings and regulation are two of their big selling points. Covesting plan to undertake substantial marketing and getting a listing there would raise the profile of csc. I can't see a downside. Update here: https://medium.com/covesting/covesting-2018-year-in-review-4bc87fbfdb27 exchange here: https://covesting.io
  5. Lancsgent

    Profits and Tax (UK)

    HMRC update 19 dec 18 https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/tax-on-cryptoassets/cryptoassets-for-individuals
  6. Lancsgent


    About to pop.
  7. Lancsgent

    What Exchanges I wanna see.

    @Alcar has suggested Kracken which would be a great exchange to be listed on (as would Nex, Liquid or Covesting) Maybe tweet the STEX listing of csc to Kracken when the official announcement is done and raise the profile of csc.
  8. Lancsgent

    CSC listed at stex.com and nuex.com

    The team will know better than me, but I’m not convinced with Binance’s public stance that they don’t charge a fee. Maybe I’m wrong, and would love to be 100% wrong. Kracken is a good shout, and great news with the STEX announcement!
  9. Lancsgent

    What Exchanges I wanna see.

    My two picks after Binance are: Liquid Covesting Liquid has the largest global fiat to crypto market and are rock solid in terms of compliance. Liquid being regulated by the Japanese FSA and all crypto kept on the exchange is in cold storage. They are aiming to be the gateway for institutional money into Crypto and been around since 2014. Liquid are also backed by one of the wealthiest guys in Japan. For a regulated crypto like CSC it makes perfect sense to be on an exchange that is also hugely concerned with meeting compliance obligations. Liquid also currently have the lowest fees re fiat to crypto. They will also have a full banking licence by Q3 2019. Covesting A new exchange and about to launch this quarter. They are to be the first exchange to be granted the DLT licence which is incredibly difficult to obtain. They are having to meet the same standards as a bank and will allow fiat deposits to turn into Crypto and then Crypto to fiat into your bank on the way back out. Covesting is being run by ex Saxo bank staff. Again with Covesting I'm pretty sure all crypto kept on the exchange is in cold storage. (Not saying Crypto should be kept on an exchange but it gives confidence to traders who need their Crypto constantly accessible for trading) Both the above exchanges are 100% compliance focussed and allow fiat to Crypto and the reverse on the way out. Both perfect fits for CSC.
  10. Binance would be a significant step forward. I hope you're right. What makes you think any new exchange will be Binance? I sure hope you're right, just wondering what leads you to Binance. I have to say every time I mention CSC to another crypto enthusiast, the first thing out of their mouth is 'i dont like the exchanges. Never heard of them' The conversation is over.
  11. Damn, I would see that as a MASSIVE achievement and a huge return on investment. That would put us around 152 sats, which is around a 2400% increase. Fingers crossed.
  12. Checking in for the 04th of the month update. CSC - 06 sats on the soon to close Cfinex with some 04 sat sells earlier today BTC - $6,587 NOTES Looks like the Sandbox will/may get going 01 January following the news from the Delta Summit earlier today. Earlier than some anticipated and later than others had predicted (myself included) I'm seeing the upside and using the time to double down. (I will either die very rich or very stupid, time will tell) Maybe we'll get a new exchange before Jan which would be sweet. Hoping for 10 cents before year end 2019. Out.
  13. Lancsgent

    Get your funds off of Cfinex!

    4 threads on this. Can they be merged?