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  1. BiffTannen

    CSC on Bitrue Exchange VOTE NOW!

    lol not a new member. Been around for awhile.
  2. BiffTannen

    CSC on Bitrue Exchange VOTE NOW!

    When will they list us? Curious to see how much volume we get from it and if it will move the price.
  3. BiffTannen


    Been gone for a couple months. Anybody have a tldr version of what’s been happening and what’s in the pipeline?
  4. BiffTannen

    XRP buying back

    Wish I had the nerve to do this. I'm sure we'll be dropping back and you'll increase your stack quite a bit. I just don't have the nerve to try it.
  5. BiffTannen


    I wish you could say more
  6. BiffTannen

    CSC Exit Strategy..

    Oso you are correct. You would only be taxed on any capital gains. You will only pay more tax if BTC increases while you are in BTC. It may go down though which you would be able to net against the capital gains from XRP. Any gains or losses in BTC will more than likely be negligible.
  7. BiffTannen


    I like your old avatar better ☹️
  8. BiffTannen


    Since CSC is strictly selling in sats and not dollars, it wouldn't matter at all if BTC decreased 10%. If you're already in BTC, you'll get the same amount of CSC.
  9. BiffTannen


    Yup, you just need to import the paper wallet into your desktop wallet. I would only do this when you plan on liquidating the paper wallets entire balance. Or if you’re not fully liquidating, move the remaining CSC to a new paper wallet. (Don’t reu-use your imported paper wallet)
  10. /r/cyptocurrency is notoriously hard on every single crypto, but even with that said it does get a lot of foot traffic and I think it would bring CSC to the attention to new people. I think it would be a good post on there
  11. Awesome post! We need more of this on the subreddit. Show new people looking into CSC for the first time that it does have a community behind it!
  12. BiffTannen


    Same here. I need more XRP, CSC and I also want to get back into VET too since it's been hammered to smithereens for weeks now
  13. BiffTannen


    I'm jelly
  14. BiffTannen


    So have we ever considered getting everybody on the discord to be active on the sub-reddit? I'm just spitballing here, but is it possible the discord may be doing a disservice to the volume of CSC? Most people that are investing in crypto are looking mainly to forums like this, and on reddit for the community. Most people are not on discord/may not even know about the discord. The reddit community is non-existent and maybe turning off new investors if they think there is no community behind the project. When @DjemDiamond first introduced CSC to the XRP community, the first place I went to get more information is the CSC site and then to the subreddit. Maybe it's just me but a DA can appear to have great tech, use case, and team, but if I see there is also no community behind it, I start to think maybe there is a good reason nobody else is behind it and very apprehensive to invest. @TwoTwoFour @Chewiecoin @honeybyte @Daniel Keller @LeGonze